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February 06, 2007 | Other
After all most a month we close the poll on the "Unchained Melody" release. 71 percent of our readers think this CD is a great release. With 262 voters some may say that little more than 186 Elvis fans must be deaf, others may think 76 voters must have that problem :-). To close the "1977 discussion" our new poll is: we have enough material from 1977.

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MarkE wrote on February 06, 2007
186 Elvis fans cant be deaf, otherwise they wouldnt be Elvis fans
Loesje wrote on February 06, 2007
Oh no Mark, they aren't blind.. so they can be a fan of his looks :-)
Greg Nolan wrote on February 07, 2007
How snide this site has been about 1977 Elvis. Elvisnews.com is better than this recent descent into pettiness and negativity.
Iron Man wrote on February 07, 2007
It seemed to me that those who were present at the, for example, Omaha show in 1977 were both deaf and blind, since the concert for simply terrible with the exception of How Great Thou Art, but still they clapped and seemed to be a lovely audience. But they were there, threre were no big screens to show the faces of the musicians - maybe some of them guessed that something was wrong with Mr. Presley, but the magic of the moment made them blind. But now you are hearing this at your home and you have the wonderful 69' and 70' stuff - this release is an important document of the era. But it's hard to understand how could anybody trully enjoy it. I am completely with the ElvisNews editors on this one.
Loesje wrote on February 07, 2007
Yes Iron Man, you are right, but it seems to me Elvis fans are not allowed to be honest.
Palle wrote on February 07, 2007
Well, well, well, I didn't realize that you had to have bought a copy of this cd in order to have the voting rights about whether this cd is a great release - because I don't have it and voted no, because of the mess that FTD did with one track; that's even enough for me to skip this release, because why let them get away with such a sloppy release, when the bootlegs have better audio on the track that FTD messed up? I'm all for the FTD cd's, but not if they are going to continue releasing cd's with sloppy quality - and then stating "It was recorded badly" and skipping saying that it was recorded badly with their ´instruments´
PaulFromFrance wrote on February 07, 2007
It's somewhat embarassing to read some comments here about this release. Not because of the problem in "Where noone stands alone", but because of Elvis amateurish performance. It's bad, bad, bad ! Final dot. Fanatism is always ridiculous and sometimes leads to integrism. A man must be able to keep his ability to criticise, even the things he loves. Now, Lex and Loesje, what about a new discussion about impersonators ?
Lex wrote on February 07, 2007
Well at least some people saw the light after receiving the CD. At the time I wrote the much loved review, 79% thought it was great :-). And no, please no more imposter discussions, before I have to admit I'd rather listen to them than to a 1977 show of Elvis...
Theo wrote on February 07, 2007
I received Unchained Melody two weeks ago and listened to the cd partly. I had never heard this stuff before, so I was interested. I must admit, it does sound like something's really wrong with Elvis. He sounds so hoarse and short of breath. I think it's not a great release, but I do welcome this release by FTD, though. It gives me a fuller, more complete picture of our man. Concerning the new quickpoll, I voted 'NO.' I would love to have a soundboard recording of a full concert from the the May 20 - June 2, 1977 tour. Spring Tours covered the March 23 - April 3 and the April 21 - May 3 tours, but if FTD decides to release a soundboard recording of a full concert from these tours, I'd probably buy them as well. A soundboard recording of the last live performance (June 26, 1977) should also be released (if it can be found). And I'd love to see (and own) the Elvis In Concert special, with all the footage from both concerts included as well. No, I'm not deaf, nor blind, but for the sake of completeness I would buy these cd's & dvd's and listen to and watch them as well, even though it may be a tragic experience.
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on February 07, 2007
Will the series of poll questions concerning 1977 continue until Lex gets the answer he wants? ("Elvis was in top form in 1977", "I listen exclusively to Elvis' audience recordings from 1977", "Elvis emerged as a star in 1977", ...)
Lex wrote on February 07, 2007
Matthias, thanks for the suggestions... always good to have a few when in need. To answer your question: I can manipulate the table if I really want "the answers he wants" :-).
Steve V wrote on February 07, 2007
I think we have enough 77 stuff out there on CD. Elvis was not well and there is no need for more. As I stated b4, the only thing I would want would be the DVD form the last TV special - all known footage. This does not make me a hypocrite as someone stated , but a completist that wants to own all of Elvis' TV specials. He only made 3 for goodness sakes so it would be nice to have them all. I prob would not watch it that much but there is a historic need to own it. Its not like the Colonel let him appear much on TV in his prime so we could have a wealth of footage in our hands. Footage is more important than FTD CDs at this point.
Iron Man wrote on February 07, 2007
I'd say "Yes" to the DVD releases of both Omaha and Rapid City concerts - though they shall be released through FTD as well, since Elvis' doesn't deserve this footage to be seen by regular viewers. I guess that it would gather dust on my shelve - the Omaha concert is simply impossible to watch - the October 74' concerts are masterpieces compared to this one - but I would be delighted to see it in fine video quality at last - and the Rapid City concert is one of the best ones (of the worst) year 77. Still, as for me, if had I the opportunity to choose - I'd prefer complete concerts from either August 1970 or April 1972 in great picture quality... Is anybody listening?
dbacke1 wrote on February 08, 2007
I actually agree with both Lex and Matthias. True, Elvis was not in top form in 1977, but it was still ELVIS, and us fans love him and want to see more of this material. I think that "Elvis in Concert" released in DVD format with remastered everything and improved sound quality would be a beautiful thing. The Omaha concert has some painful moments, but I think it is an okay show overall. Rapid City, on the other hand, is pretty good. EPE could also include previously unseen footage for a bonus DVD, and perhaps some current interviews with some of the participants would be nice as well. Soundboards from Cincinnati and Indianapolis would be welcome also. Yes, more material from '77, please!
MR61 wrote on February 08, 2007
its such a shame that he died in 77 he had so much more to give his voice was fantastic back then and i personally think he was on the brink of even a bigger comeback than 68 ,a world tour may be who knows not me.
Steve V wrote on February 10, 2007
The only way he would have made a comeback in 77 (not ever as big as 68 - that is historic) is if he fired the colonel, got himself in rehab, ditched the jumpsuits, Vegas shows, made a solid LP (ala like the Memphis comeback LP) and a world tour to promote it. I would have also advised to ditch Joe Guercio and all that big band garbage and just go out there with his rythym section & backup singers. Basically back to the roots and rediscover himself like he did in 68 but with a world tour instead of a TV special. But of course, his health was the first concern. The way he looked & sounded in 77 , a world tour never could have happened.
MR61 wrote on February 10, 2007
sorry steve v you only have to look at the size of the concert audences his singles in the uk where top 5 (girl of my best friend moody blue way down)if he got his health better which i think he would have for a world tour as we all know he needed a challenge and this would have been look at aloha the man died of bordam he was as he said fed up of being elvis and thats ashame perhaps he did need a change of management who knows
Jerome wrote on February 13, 2007
I read a lot of people saying 'release the Omaha and Rapic City'77-concert, you all know, this will never happen (at least not this century). and PaulFromFrance- don't call "where no one stands alone' amateurish. I suggest you come up with a better version. Bring it on!