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Celebrity Secrets

February 05, 2007 | Book
In the new book "Celebrity Secrets: Government Files of the Rich and Famous", a lot of unknown secrets about celebrities are unvealed with the help of official records. It also includes a "secret" from Elvis Presley.

The supposed story goes like this; Elvis asked the army top in 1959 to dismiss a south-african homosexual from the army after giving dermatological treatments. The man blackmailed Elvis with the fact that he would release compromising pictures if he did not pay $450 and a plane ticket to London.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Viva wrote on February 05, 2007
A secret? You must be kidding: This story has appeared in plenty of books about Elvis, most notably Peter Guralnik's "Careless Love". It's not a "Supposed story" as suggested above, but is a well known incident among many fans. The fact that the authors claim it to be a secret when it patently is not, and it's overall subject matter, does relegate this tome to the category of "Sensationalism", and as such would be more useful as toilet paper rather than reading material.
stanton wrote on February 05, 2007
It is a fact, known in Germany, that Elvis had a guy come by (African) to treat his skin at the Goethestrasse / Bad Nauheim where he lived during the service, even though his Daddy warned him, because he was critical over the effect, the treatment would leave (it was supposed to be good against enlargened pores) and thought it might only help the guy`s wallet. After a while - this is what is being said- Elvis came rumming downstairs as if the devil in person was chasing him, screaming for help, because the guy turned out to be gay and made a move on him upstairs. So, that is what I know about the whole story; it is also being told that the guy threatened Elvis later to let out stories of him being homosexual and that it DID in fact give Elvis some troubles to prevent such fake rumors being spread.
GeeBee wrote on February 05, 2007
In addition, as Guarlnick points out, because Elvis was in the Army at the time, he had to report the incident to the Army police. I also think that legal action was taken against this man through British courts - do not remember the exact reason for that, but this 'celebrity tid bit' is a good example of how "facts" get twisted!
MR61 wrote on February 08, 2007
old news in fact very old news sorry