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Who Was Elvis Presley?

February 03, 2007 | Book
Due for release in August 2007 in the "Who was..." series is a book on Elvis Presley. The book is written by Geoff Edgers, Nancy Harrison (illustrator) and John O'Brien (illustrator) and will be published by Grosset & Dunlap (ISBN: 0448446421).
Source:Elvis Club Berlin
Santa Claus wrote on February 03, 2007
Yes kids, look at the cover. THIS was Elvis. I wonder how they got this big fat head in the bucket filled with ice-water to get him able to do a show. I'm happy EPE gave licence for this. So we don't have to watch the real Elvis in the CBS Special. Looking at what's going on on this side I must say that the Elvis star is permanently sinking.
Steve V wrote on February 03, 2007
The 30th anniversary year and this is what we get to look at? Good Lord!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on February 03, 2007
Tragicly they have the hair & sidburns about right, but where did the dimple come from ?
SuziB wrote on February 03, 2007
Some people just have to criticise EPE for everything, even when it has absolutely nothing to do with them, removal of footage from youtube, and now this. This has nothing to do with EPE, anyone can write a book, they don't need permission or license. Linking this to 'Elvis In Concert' is just plain stupidity.
get real wrote on February 05, 2007
i like it! looks a little like Jay Leno though haha.
cathyreno wrote on February 14, 2007
hey santaclaus I dont believe in ya and why should I believe in that tripe you call a opinion and thank god its just a opinion... Though he wasnt his best during the CBS taping his voice was incredible... Commercially yeh everyone is on the money train its up to the elvis fan to be the censor ... And Santaclaus kindly go back to the north pole or whatever rock you crawled under from.. TCB everyone