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Elvis Sails Released

February 02, 2007 | Music
The original EP "Elvis Sails" has been reissued in three versions; the American, Japanese and German version. The set is limited to 500 copies.

- Available with original Japanese, US and German cover artwork.
- Original EP Recordings + bonus tracks.
- Digitally remastered.

- Including 1959 + 2007 Elvis Calender.
- All 3 cd's have another label printing.

September 22 1958 - Brooklyn, New York

The Original EP
1. Press Interview with Elvis Presley
2. Elvis Presley`s Newsreel Interview
3. Pat Hernon Interviews Elvis

Bonus tracks, including The Press Meets Elvis (an extended recording of track 1) & Elvis talks about the army …
Source:Elvis Corner
Mystery Rider wrote on February 03, 2007
Are there any questions? Rock N Roll music if you like it you feel it, you cant help but move to it. I know thats what happens to me..etc etc etc. cookies and cakes, when your living in a barracks you dont even get to see the box etc etc etc....500 copies is 500 too many.
Jerome wrote on February 03, 2007
sail on
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on February 03, 2007
I have the U.K.original anyway. What are they gonna do next.
JerryNodak wrote on February 04, 2007
I have no problem with these being released. I'd buy the U.S. version if I could find it.
Mystery Rider wrote on February 05, 2007
Elvis sails , watch out for U boats it would be wonderful if all 500 went to the bottom of the atlantic. Whats out there is enough who needs more repeated material