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Elvis For Babies

January 28, 2007 | Music
Reissued by the Megaphon label on January 27, 2007 is the CD "Elvis For Babies". It contains instrumental versions of several Elvis classics, interpreted especially for babies.

Track listing:

Don't Be Cruel - Are You Lonesome Tonight? - It's Now or Never - Love Me Tender - Wild in the Country - That's Alright, Mama - Wooden Heart - Can't Help Falling in Love - Crying in the Chapel - In the Ghetto
Source:Elvis Club Berlin
Loesje wrote on January 28, 2007
How convenient! :-) Congratulations with your daughter Kees!
Pachakuti! wrote on January 28, 2007
They obviously forgot to include 'Like A Baby', 'Reconsider Baby', 'Baby Let's Play House', 'My Baby Left Me', 'Baby What Do You Want Me To Do', 'Rock-A-Hula Baby', 'Bossa Nova Baby', 'Ain't That Loving You Baby' and 'Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby'!
Shakingruud wrote on January 28, 2007
And..... Baby If You Give Me All Your Love!
Martin DJ wrote on January 28, 2007
If they are instrumental versions - how is a baby supposed to tell the difference between It's Now Or Never and O Sole Mio?
lorn82 wrote on January 28, 2007
I think it will be good for babies. I dont think we give them enough credit. I used to think babies would rather have simple tunes but its true what I read in a baby mag they love to hear intricate music, I play Elvis and my 9mth old loves it, I will prob buy myself a copy.
Pachakuti! wrote on January 28, 2007
I was not trying to put it down, it's good for babies to hear Elvis' melodies. But I just couldn't help adding those baby-suggestions ;) Without Elvis: you'll be so lonely baby...
old shep wrote on January 29, 2007
I think i'm going to puke.
Jerome wrote on January 29, 2007
it's one for the money, two for the money, three to get more money and so go go go
old shep wrote on January 29, 2007
is shake rattle on there?
EspenK wrote on January 29, 2007
"they love to hear intricate music" - I'd hardly call early Elvis tunes intricate, especially not instrumental versions... :D
Pachakuti! wrote on January 29, 2007
You're so square.. Baby I don't care! Elvis' melodies are beautiful. In a lot of cases folk songs form the basis of the most beautiful music ever heard.
My boy, my boy wrote on January 30, 2007
...cause baby...something beautiful`s dying...You`ve lost that lovin feelin`...please folks, haven`t you realized by now ? Elvis is "really" everywhere !! even in babies tastes hehehe ! I do get over it, TV`s baby toon channel is on the way after all...Let`s praise the King, he loved babies himself !!!...TCB
Renan Augusto wrote on January 30, 2007
Baby close your eyes and listen to the music drifting through a summer breeze.....
Pachakuti! wrote on January 30, 2007
Hey Baby! Ain't asking much of you! Yeah Elvis loved babies. It's cute to hear and watch him sing that lullaby for the baby in GI Blues. They should have included that one. Daddy big boots once wore little boots like you..
stanton wrote on January 30, 2007
Sweet...just sweet
Jth wrote on January 31, 2007
I ain't overly excited because of this release -- I can just see it now; an overweight and smelly Elvis impersonator (and very bad at it) ends his "singing" and then says: "Oh, and besides buying my cd's, you can also buy this new fantastic release called "Elvis for Babies"!" So much for the "Elvis, the king of rock 'n' roll"