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Movie 'Tears Of A King' About The Spiritual Elvis

January 25, 2007 | Video
In the summer of 2007, the movie 'Tears Of A King' will hit the American movie theaters. In stead of yet another biography, this picture will focus on the spiritual side of Elvis that was very prominent in the 70s. The search from Elvis to his believe leads him to the Mormons. This community claims that Elvis was willing to join them thru a baptism, but he never made it. It's highly doubtfull that the movie wil come to the European theaters.
stanton wrote on January 25, 2007
I doubt they have any interest in showing the movie in Europe; I have asked them as a member of the board of the Elvis Club in Bad Nauheim - Friedberg, if it was possible to get the first shows started over here where we`ll have the European Elvis Festival in August comming up again; but unfortunatelly they didn`t even bother answering my question....? On second thought it ran thru my mind how they get by with their sort of "one track story" - the mormone track? Elvis was - as we all know- christian and besides this very interested and open minded in multiple ways of believes and religions, not one track minded at all....? So, we´ll see: if it comes out I will - of course- try to watch it somewhere somehow.
pasa-ryu wrote on August 31, 2007
elvis was NOT a morman and he may have "studied" other religions and beliefs due to larry geller and his influence but to claim that elvis was about to become member of the morman church is laughable!-elvis never forgot his christian upbringing right to the very end and to say that he would join a well known religious cult is a damn lie!!-its a known fact that elvis left hand-written noted praying to the lord jesus in his las vegas suite and that he was seeking the lopd for guidance..NOT a religious cult.(it makes by blood boil that the morman church are trying to gain more followeres using the name of elvis presley and this has ti the very bottom of the barrell u have ever seen)