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Elvis, The Missing Years Becomes Movie

January 24, 2007 | Video
The American company Newly-minted Cinema League has bought the film and tv rights for the book "Sergeant Presley: The Untold Story of Elvis' Missing Years". The story follows the basictraining from Elvis in Texas untill the end of his army life in Germany and will contain subjects as his meeting with Priscilla and his starting addiction to prescripted medication. The authors are Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield. Rex was a fellow soldier from 1958 to 1960 and his wife is romanticaly linked to Elvis. The start of the shooting is scheduled for next summer.
elvis-finland wrote on January 24, 2007
This just might be a good film. Not too big movie for TV because it isn't about whole life of Elvis, only part of it. Any director/writer/producer/actor info?
stanton wrote on January 27, 2007
Is the movie going to be taken in Germany - in the original places? Since they ARE still there and not really much different to the 50ìes?
Mystery Rider wrote on February 03, 2007
interesting ....this is where Elvis camed off the track, the loss of his mother, his Jerry Lee Lewis act with Priscilla and of course Medication's. But still all in all he was human but Priscilla childs play, and of course her off spring she's no better then the spring she sprung off of.