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Elvis Had Diabetes?

January 24, 2007 | People
2007 will not only be the year of the Elvis Book flood, but also of “secret revelations”. One of those new revelations comes from dLifeTV, the only national weekly lifestyle series devoted to living with diabetes in the US. On their website, www.dlife.com, the station claims to have discovered a secret that Elvis tried to hide from his fans: “he had diabetes”. However, no medical evidence is shown to support the ‘revealed secret’.
stanton wrote on January 24, 2007
Nothing really new; I have read in a few other sources that Elvis did suffer from a slight form of diabetes, containing a higher glucose amount in the blood than usual. Like many others in his family. Why should he have tried to hide it, though? It is no disgrace to have diabetes on the side of the world I live in....?
You Dont Know Me wrote on January 24, 2007
quite possibly Elvis DID have diabetes, but maturity onset and not insulin type 1, most probably they tried to control Elvis's diet, but that would have been 'hopeless'!, then before too long he died from other causes anyway.
ta2k wrote on January 25, 2007
I thought this was fairly well known already. It's the other supposed 'secrets' i am concerned about!
Ton Bruins wrote on January 27, 2007
What did he not have ....?
Anton wrote on February 20, 2007
It could very be so ! All indications and diabetes symptons point into that direction...always thursty, drinking water, glucose problems, diet problems, glaucoma who is a frequent ailment of diabetics, etc. Why not ask Joe or Jerry; they say they know alot about all that, but never tell anyone. Also, why not ask the Stanley Bros and when is their book going to be published ? We may get surprises, good and bad ones. But how does it affect the 450,000 hardcore elvis fans still around in this world? When do we get more and innovative FTD releases like enhanced live recordings from Vegas, Tahoe and concerts in many US cities (especially OnTour 1972 with DVD pls) and Double Albums PLUS outtakes from those songs onFTD that will sell 250,000 copies, or Movie soundtracks like GGGirls, Roust, KCousins, Speedway a.o. Your comments are welcomed, always.