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Cirque Du Soleil Project Still In Progress

January 25, 2007 | Other
Earlier this week, we've reported about the rumours about the collapse about the cooperation between Cirque and EPE. Sources within Cirque are confirming that they are still busy with the developments and everything is running according the plans. In 2009, a permanent show that is dedicated to Elvis, will perform in the brand new MGM City Center that will be finished within two years.
Source:Elvis Mail (EPE)
marilynmeli wrote on February 02, 2007
Since I live in Las Vegas,that would be fanastic for Circ at The MGM to have a Elvis theme show...After all Vegas Loves Elvis and so do I.Also let's all wish Lisa Marie-A very special Birthday-she's turning 39 today,on Feb.1,2007***Gotta love ya & The Presleys***