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Major New Elvis Documentary Series Planned - NOT

January 10, 2007 | Other
A major new documentary series on Elvis Presley, similar to The Beatles' Anthology, is being planned for the 30th anniversary of his death. The Elvis Presley Estate which runs Elvis' business affairs and includes his widow Priscilla, is presently working on the series which will include never-before-seen footage.

According to the New York Post, the Elvis anthology is due out in 2007 - 30 years after Presley died aged 42 on August 17, 1977.

The Beatles' Anthology initially aired on television in 1995 before being released in DVD format with added footage. Meanwhile, the estate and BMG this week releases two new DVD sets of two of Elvis' most historic TV appearances in America.

Comment by EPE (January 10, 2007):

The story is false. Where the New York Post got such an idea, we don't know. Weird. Perhaps they ran across some old info from 2004/2005 when the documentary "Elvis By The Presleys" was in production and got confused.

We do plan to do a major, long-form Elvis documentary. No release date has been set, but it definitely will not come about in 2007.
JK wrote on January 09, 2007
Steve V wrote on January 09, 2007
Now that's what Im talking about. Maybe the 30th is looking up!
Ton Bruins wrote on January 09, 2007
Now we're talking bussiness...
old shep wrote on January 09, 2007
Now that sounds the business. Will Elvis' talking head be there too?
JimmyCool wrote on January 09, 2007
"on August 17"!? Maybe in China it was 17th!
gary 1 wrote on January 09, 2007
August 17th 1977 i don't think so.And what new two historic tv dvd's are being released this week?
stanton wrote on January 09, 2007
August 17th......auauau.....that hurts.
jamiecoyne wrote on January 09, 2007
Lest we not forget that Priscilla wasn't Elvis' widow...
wayup wrote on January 09, 2007
Brainwashed Scientologist Priscilla and an Elvis WIDOW?? Oh God, there wqs no divorce on oct 09, 73 ??? What we can expect... an expanded vesrion of Elvis by group of scientologists, ah, "Presleys".
PTCJones wrote on January 09, 2007
I wonder if they mention Elvis at all, or is it just a documentary about Priscilla-again!
Steve V wrote on January 09, 2007
If its similar to The Beatles Anthology , then it should be lightyears ahead of the Elvis by the Presleys documentary. Maybe Priscilla will not be involved and it will be done by folks only in the music industry. How many more home movies do we need to see from her anyway? I am hoping , but I've heard these promises before and been let down as no doubt many of you have.
kev11467 wrote on January 09, 2007
Could be cool, if you get guys like Dave Marsh, Peter Guralnick, or Dave Marsh to narrarate it. Please merciful God, no 75 year old women in 50's poodle skirts.....
Jth wrote on January 09, 2007
EPE managed to mess up the '68 Comeback Special and Aloha From Hawaii - the only pretty decent version was the special edition of the Aloha show; the only thing they messed up there was to cut out the Also Sprach Zarathustra intro. As for the "major new Elvis documentary series" as it states above ....well, I'm not holding my breath
Colonel wrote on January 10, 2007
This sounds ok to me, but I would rather get something that focuses more on the music as on home movies. Anyway, I think if this should be done well, it could be a very good thing.
Viva wrote on January 10, 2007
How many times have we heard this garbage? If EPE are involved in any way, then there will be an impersonator singing his songs (Or, heaven forbid, Ronnie McDowell) and any new footage will probably be from home movies. You can also bet that this will be corny, sugar coated and lacking any real depth or honesty. If previous efforts (Including "Elvis by the Presleys", A.K.A. "The Priscilla Presley vomit hour") are anything to go by, we will be treated to hours of typical American smaltz which will add nothing new or valuable to the Elvis story. I do not understand how comparisons can be drawn with The Beatles Anthology, I mean The Beatles are treated with respect, skill and dignity by all who are connected to them. Subsequently, because their primary focus is on on the artists musical integrity and not the revenue generated, projects such as "Anthology" are incredibly well made and highly critically acclaimed by all. The likes of EPE can only dream to achieve the standards which EMI and the like apply with unwavering consistancy to every Beatles project. You have to know your subject inside out and care only about the truth in order to do a phenomenon as complex as Elvis justice, and EPE/CKX fall woefully short on both counts. So folks, don't get your hopes up, just look forward to the same stories you've heard a dozen times over, and the sum total of never before released footage consisting of ten seconds of silent home movies in a slightly different box. You never know, they might even include footage of the impersonator/twat contest on Elvis' front lawn.
PTCJones wrote on January 10, 2007
Very well put, Viva.
Dixieland Rocks wrote on January 10, 2007
I for one will be looking forward to anything new. As for Ronnie Mcdowell, he is only trying to make a living. I like his music Elvis or not. Can we wait and make our judgements after, not before!!
Mark wrote on January 10, 2007
What is wrong with Ronnie Mcdowell doing some songs? Look there is some parts that Elvis sang some songs and there is no recording of that Music so they would get Ronnie to do that.
PaulFromFrance wrote on January 10, 2007
We have to face the reality: EPE is made of people that look like Elvis entourage was. A bunch of people with no culture, no intelligence, no class, no sensitivity. They will never understand the greatness of an artist like Elvis. They just use his fame to build their fortune. The Beatles world is million light years from them. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't imagine a second that we could have an "Elvis Anthology" of the same quality that the one made for the Beatles. Simply, looking what they have done in the past, it seems imposssible. And now, we have "fans" waiting for Mcdowell to sing instead of Elvis. Do you imagine someone being used to replace one, or more, of the Beatles' voice ? They will never allow this. It's somewhat discouraging.
chrisc wrote on January 10, 2007
There is no way this will be produced without Priscilla taking the opportunity to make her excuses again with her own peculiar version of events, dragging in irrelevant Beaulieus to back her up. We learn from bitter experience that there is no one at EPE or in the Presley family with the impetus to do a proper job for Elvis showing respect, integrity and a full understanding of his art.
Carole OCallaghan wrote on January 10, 2007
I too have mixed feelings about this project. Although it is always good to see or hear Elvis video/songs we haven't had before, experience has taught us that anything Priscilla is involved with usually results in yet another Priscilla promotional film, rather than an Elvis film. For a project of this stature to have any kind of credibility, it should be handled by someone with a proven track record. People have already mentioned Dave Marsh and Peter Guralnick, but my choice would be Morgan Neville, who has made several brilliant music documentaries (e.g. Sam Phillips, Lieber and Stoller, the Brill Building).
L,POOL KID wrote on January 10, 2007
I hope that this planned "anthology series " tries to emulate the beatles for quality,every time the beatles are revued it is always by somebody who works in the music industry who carries a great deal of respect eg. george martin,who can sum up the work that the beatles have done.What does elvis usually get-patsy pressley,that say's it all.
Martin DJ wrote on January 10, 2007
It's next to impossible to make a documentary series similar to The Beatles' Anthology, because The Beatles' Anthology consisted of the surviving Beatles telling their own story (with archive Lennon footage added). It would be nice to hear Elvis' audio interview from On Tour where he talks about his disappointments making movies, but that's not likely to be included since said movies are still supposed to make a profit through dvd sales. However, it's still possible to make a decent documentary (series) if they interview the right people. Ernst Jorgensen, TCB Band members, session musicians - those who are/were involved with Elvis' musical accomplishments rather than his private life. (Personally I thought it was in very bad taste, Priscilla in Elvis by the Presleys holding a christmas dinner at Graceland as if she'd never left the building.)
JerryNodak wrote on January 10, 2007
This documentary has been rumored as forthcoming for years. We've heard nothing about this documentary being released in 2007 from EPE. Suddenly word appears in the New York Post. As much as it's been talked about through the years I would have thought EPE would have been hyping its coming for months. I'll believe this story when someone from EPE confirms it.
Brian Quinn wrote on January 10, 2007
I wish people would stop mentioning the Beatles on this website. As far as I am concerned anything they did was rubbish, including Anthology. I would never buy one of their records as they were, in my opinion, totally hyped and continue to be so. Elvis was unique, historically innovative and a born performer. He broke the doors down for everyone who followed in his footsteps. Don't forget, the Beatles sang many of his songs before coming famous. I for one look forward to the Elvis Documentary whenever it is released. Let's be optimistic for a change. Elvis sets the standard - NOT the Beatles.
JerryNodak wrote on January 10, 2007
Fock the Beatles and their anthology.
EPE wrote on January 10, 2007
The story is false. Where the New York Post got such an idea, we don't know. Weird. Perhaps they ran across some old info from 2004/2005 when the documentary "Elvis By The Presleys" was in production and got confused. We do plan to do a major, long-form Elvis documentary. No release date has been set, but it definitely will not come about in 2007.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 10, 2007
when an article has incorrect dates (such as August 17th) then its almost certain, the rest of the story is false too !
Sandi wrote on January 10, 2007
Mr. Brian Quinn I am with you 1,000%, you've said it all!! The Beatles, even Lennon said, "Before Elvis there was nothing" Need we say more???? Th King will reign forever, there will never, ever be an entertainer as loved or respected as ELVIS, nor will there be one that had the talent~~~ Elvis loved & respected his fans, he was a generous, caring, loving & very deep person, which he NEVER gets credit for. It is so true, if you're not an Elvis fan, you can never understand!! The Beatles should never be mentioned in connection with Elvis, NEVER!!!
Steve V wrote on January 11, 2007
To all you folks that posted these anti-Beatles remarks (reminds me being back in high school with the who's better debates!) , the only reason The Beatles were mentioned in some blogs here is because the very first sentence in the article said 'A major new documentary series on Elvis Presley, similar to The Beatles' Anthology, is being planned for the 30th anniversary of his death' Geez lighten up. Its fans that make comments like this that cause people to ridicule the Elvis fan base. Grow up and conduct a normal conversation.
MarkE wrote on January 11, 2007
I agree with Steve, im a fan of The Beatles aswell as Elvis and Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, they all deserve equal respect
genedin wrote on January 11, 2007
before elvis there was nothing and after him there was still nothing
PaulFromFrance wrote on January 11, 2007
Before Elvis, there was nothing? You really take this literally? What a stupidity! Of course, there was something before Elvis. You can't create something (here, Rock'N'Roll music) ex nihilo. You need foundations and Elvis built his music on them (Country, Blues, etc...). Fan must stop to repeat these kind of sentences ad nauseam. This is why we are treated like morons. When I read such ineptitudes, sometimes I'm ashamed to be an Elvis fan. Someone who loves music loves The Beatles, and others artists, like he loves Elvis. Even if he can have his preferences, of course. But saying the Beatles are rubbish just shows how musically handicaped some of the fans are. So, their understanding of Elvis music can be questionned. Music is not born with Elvis and is not dead in 1977. On the other hand, a part of me is dead in 1977, but this is another story. Anyway, it seems it was a mistake and we will not have this "Elvis Anthology". So... :-)
Colonel wrote on January 11, 2007
Let's remember that Elvis also didn't create Rock'n'roll (in fact no one did, it just developed). I agree that many Elvis-fans don't have a clear view on music (this counts also for fans of other groups). Elvis was not the only person who made great music and although I'm not very much of a Beatles-fan, I like some of their music as it is really good (I think the Beach Boys were artistically much better though). Anyway back on topic: Looks like it was a fake or something.I can live with that as I don't need hundred of documentaries although one very good would have been nice.
Martin DJ wrote on January 11, 2007
Besides, Elvis liked The Beatles himself enough to invite them to Graceland. In the Comeback Special he said he liked a lot of the 'new music' like The Beatles and went on to record Hey Jude, Yesterday, Something, Get Back and a few seconds of Lady Madonna - songs that are in most people's opinion far from rubbish.
PaulFromFrance wrote on January 11, 2007
Martin... I agree with what you say, but the Beatles meet Elvis at L-A (Hillcrest ?), not Graceland.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 11, 2007
FIrst it seems some of you beatles fans are just as sensitive as you claim some of the elvis fans are,i dont care for the beatless,i dont care for bob dylan or hendrix,ok with that said,anyone who likes it has a differt taste than me,nothing more,as for the documentary ,i have notised that few are even saying anything in regard to the news that its not happening,your too busy defending the beatles,and for elvis like of beatless,i like beatles and the beards? get it, also remember the part were he says"about the muisc of today" boom boom boom(like hes shooting a gun) some take everything very literally!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 11, 2007
As for EPE ,i guess some might think being its the 30th anniversary,you might have something of substance planned,but i doubt it,that just way too creative for you,just keep pushing those ducks and talking elvis figures!
elvis-finland wrote on January 11, 2007
"No release date has been set, but it definitely will not come about in 2007." One year is a long time. Elvis got only 42 of those. Rob Klug made a fantastic documentary "Elvis by the Presleys", and I think it's going to be the best Elvis documentary of all time.
emjel wrote on January 11, 2007
I have to agree with the many compaints about knocking The Beatles and the Anthology. It really is so childish. So what if The Beatles sang some of Elvis' early songs. Didn't Elvis sing songs that were done by other people too. The Beatles Anthology is incredible - I only wish similar material was available for Elvis. The difference is that Brian Epstein & EMI knew how to manage The Beatles, whereas however shrewd Parker was, he stangled Elvis' career in places. Whether you like The Beatles or not, to deny they had an impact on the music world in the 60's or to say they are rubbish is quite pathetic, and stupid comments like those make Elvis fans look and sound stupid. Don't get me wrong - I'll always support Elvis, but he was a human being who sometimes did and got things wrong.
PTCJones wrote on January 12, 2007
Got to be honest Martin DJ, those Beatles tracks that Elvis sang are my least favorite, especially "Hey Jude", it goes right through me. It was John Lennon that said "Before Elvis there was nothing" PaulFromFrance.
PaulFromFrance wrote on January 12, 2007
PJones... I know it's John Lennon who said "Before Elvis, there was nothing". It's really not a great news. He also said something like "Elvis is dead in the Army". So what ? Those sentences (both) don't have to be taken literally. Is it so hard to understand ?
ElvisTrader wrote on January 12, 2007
John Lennon said 'Elvis died when he joined the army'. He meant that it's where Elvis discovered drugs. He was never the same again and I agree with him.
chicken wrote on January 12, 2007
When John lennon said 'before Elvis there was nothing', he meant before Elvis was such a success there were no American R&B, Rock'n'Roll records to buy in English shops, there was nothing, perhaps the most taken out of context quote in the world.
PTCJones wrote on January 13, 2007
Forgive me for obviously not being as intellectual as you PaulFromFrance. I merely made the point it was a Beatle who said those words you had an issue with. But as you are clearly my superior, I apologize for having bothered you with such trivialities.
Steve V wrote on January 13, 2007
Guys , bottom line is it looks like this DVD set is not going to happen in 07, and The Bealtes Anthology beats any documentary ever done on Elvis. Elvis by The Presleys pales in comparison. Even Dylan had the great Martin Scorsese documentary done on him last year. Where's ours?
PaulFromFrance wrote on January 13, 2007
PJones... Knowing who told this sentence repeated ad nauseam in every Elvis Newsgroup on Earth doesn't make me an intellectual. Juste someone trying to use some better argument instead of saying something everyone knows among Elvis fans. As some others pointed out, there was something before Elvis and there will be something after him. "Chicken" explained this phrase's meaning better than I could with my poor English. Anyway, for me, and you I guess, Elvis was the best vocalist in this world. No need to dismish other artists work. This will not make Elvis greater. And we know now that the documentary will not see the light soon.
PTCJones wrote on January 14, 2007
Whilst I realize that everybody on this site maybe thinks they are an expert PaulFromFrance, which for my part I am also guilty, I do not appreciate being spoken to like I am an idiot. I made a point that a former Beatle had made, but maybe I should have realized that everyone apparently knows this already. I don't think it takes the brain of a rocket scientist to understand what John Lennon meant and I can diminish who I like ad nauseum.
Elvisy wrote on January 17, 2007
Hey everyone! Jus wanted to give my simple opinion. The reason for the documentry made by the presleys was'nt as pauls says up to the standard of John Lennon( whom I also admire and love) is that pricilla always seems to cover up alot that the fans already know. Dont forget she was'nt a presley and never was till date! Linda or Ginger should have made documentries on Elvis I think it would have been far better! Everyone and anyone are cautioned as to what to say. Huh! All said I think it was a good documentry but very well minused a lot of stuff .I wish Pricilla would make a more honest documentry! Now to be very honest a documentry for John Lennon, maybe only the fans of Lennon wud be interested but the world still are greedy for all of Elvis! Lennon himself was in total awe of Elvis, so that should tell everyone something right?! If ever they had a chance (Beatles) is when Elvis went into the army (lucky) but sadly they lost it! Coz The King came back and took the world by storm! By the way see the dvds vol1&2 of He Touched Me' amazing!
Elvisy wrote on January 17, 2007
Hey once again! I forgot to add that if Lennon said Elvis died the day he went into the army, what was he thinking? Was'nt Lennon on drugs too? And I would like to say Elvis was on medicated drugs unlike Lennon! Just maybe he went over the top medicating himself which was tragic but then Elvis had Pricilla and family to deal with unlike a Yoko Ono who stuck to Lennon like glue inspite of everything Bah!
emjel wrote on January 20, 2007
I think when John Lennon made his quote "Elvis died when he went into the army", he wasn't referring to drugs - he was really referring to the quality of the music - no more really good rock'n' roll stuff etc. As we all know, Elvis' image changed after he came out of the Army as he was trying to appeal to a much wider audience, and Lennon and the rest of the Beatles felt he had sold out a little.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 22, 2007
And referring to the quality of the music,Paul McCartney died in 1970,as we all know...
John4126 wrote on January 23, 2007
The usual 'lets slag off the beatles'. Beatles - Anthology is better than any Elvis documentary made. Fact. THe recent Dylan documentary is better than any Elvis documentary made. Fact. These artists get the proper respect and crtical aclaim they deserve further enhancing their reputations. And our man? Confined to the trash can that is EPE merchandise. Rubber duck et al. And Fly-trouble - give 'Band on the run' a spin. Probably too sophisticated for the likes of you. Stick to your Clambakes...
John4126 wrote on January 23, 2007
I also think as Lennon was pretty articulate he actually said 'Before Elvis, there wasn't anything'! LOL