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Justin Timberlake Pays Tribute To Elvis

January 10, 2007 | People
During the opening night of his world tour "Futuresex/Loveshow", Justin Timberlake paid tribute to Elvis. "Because it's Elvis's birthday, and because I'm from Memphis, I'd like to do one of his songs", Justin said, right before "Heartbreak Hotel".
Steve V wrote on January 10, 2007
Cant stand this guy. He represents what is wrong with the music industry today. It's all the same BS 'music'. Nice he thought of ELvis though. Must be the Memphis connection. Most of today's young performers dont give a hoot about Elvis.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 10, 2007
Uggg,Another tasteless ,typical so called singer from todays so called music scene,i doubt he would ever claim to be a elvis fan,he might loose his respect from the (i use this term loosley) the music world! or the fans that buy his crap)
Pachakuti! wrote on January 10, 2007
Gotta agree on the person saying Timberlake represents what's wrong with music nowadays. On the other hand, it's nice to read some youngsters get to know Elvis' songs in the first place. After finding out that the young male country singer Billy Gilman did a version of 'Heartbreak Hotel' as well I kinda appreciated it; on the other hand, he represents what's wrong with music too, although not as severe as Timberlake. I completely understand why true country and western fans want to hear that good old-timey music, not the pop BS they hear on the radio nowadays!
Colonel wrote on January 10, 2007
I agree with all of you ! Regarding Timberlake, I think he or at least his dad met Elvis once. He said that in an interview at the "50th anniversary of Rock'n'Roll" at the Sun Studios. I think it's a nice gesture from him.
Elvisy wrote on January 10, 2007
I must say I really like Justin and it was soo shweet of him to do so. Well I don't care for his music but you gotta give it to him as he is a popular guy on the music scene today. No comparsion to Elvis or anyway near. For that matter the King will never and DID never have a rival. The King still reigns. Just a thought .I sometimes find myself putting all the pop kings and queens and also the greats of all times, imagine them surrounded by Elvis... who will you think takes centre stage??? Elvis himself! No one on this earth will ever come remotely close to the king in Charisma,beauty and voice! Glorious!.... Hmmm, I just get so carried away really!
byebye wrote on January 10, 2007
I agree with Steve V here.. The guy´s attitude sucks big time, while he´s a small timer. It´s so easy to see through this gesture and the fake humbleness that goes with it, that´s the most anoying part. He wants to come across as a nice bloke on the Memphis block, but it´s all fake. Just like the rest of "american TV idol´s".
Mielvis wrote on January 10, 2007
Chill out folks....I don't really even know who this guy is except for name recoginition but at least he gave credit to Elvis whereas so many others don't. Or worse ridicule the king. But we all here have good taste in music right!
old shep wrote on January 10, 2007
Justin may not be my cup of tea either, but go easy on him folks, he gave Elvis a nod and then sang a 50 year old. To my mind this was a show of respect to Elvis.
genedin wrote on January 10, 2007
you jow you guys find something wrong in everything thats written on these pages just accept the song and the mention as good faith or whatever but dont make it out to be a bad thing
MarkE wrote on January 10, 2007
not a fan of justine, but i respect him for what he's done, we need all the help we can get to promote Elvis in this day and age
byebye wrote on January 10, 2007
The only thing I find more anoying than Justin, is insecure Elvis fans who think theyre obligated to post positive comments about nonsens news. For gods sake ,a site such as this one NEED´S sober comments or it´ll bore us to death. Finally a lot of fans has woken up and started to question a lot of things in the Elvis world. And about poor Justin... he sure has a fan site one can badbouth us evil EP fans at I believe ;) But I also respect positive comments. I had no problem with Bush going to Graceland, while other fans had. But that´s ok, -freedom of speach and opinion...
Pachakuti! wrote on January 10, 2007
As far as Bush is concerned, I think he's trying to gain some popularity by having visited Graceland. It's not that Justin's version of 'Heartbreak Hotel' would make me consider him an interesting artist - sure, it's cool to hear him being proud of Elvis. But I won't consider buying his CD's, because I would be bored to death listening to 'em. The same goes for Billy Gilman; he admitted liking Elvis and having watched his television specials - although he may be terribly cute, all these things don't mean I'm inclined to buy his album, because it's so commercial, art will be art and should not become a product. That's why artists like Elvis and Cash are so respectable, they lived for their music and not for $$$..
My boy, my boy wrote on January 11, 2007
I agree with most of you guys, can`t stand Justin either but I must acknowledge that the guy can move on stage...he`s a fantastic dancer...I just find it cute that he pays tribute to Elvis...Long live the King !
CEP wrote on January 11, 2007
Why are Elvis fans so bitter and so insular?I am constantly gobsmacked by the sheer ignorance of some of the contributors to this site with regards to other singers/groups past and present. How on earth these people can put Elvis in context or can denegrate other performers without knowing anything about them is staggering - Are Elvis fans just short sighted and pathetic ? - Its just not good enough to trot out the old 'no one will ever be better than Elvis' or 'there will only be one King' lines - get some appreciation and overview of the whole music industry - buy some albums by the new generation, go to some concerts - everything is n't crap compared to Elvis - I have refused to go to Elvis events over the last few years because some of the fans do Elvis a disservice with their ignorant views. By the way Justin Timberlake is pretty groovy - the least we can do is show him some respect
Paul Reno wrote on January 11, 2007
He's not my type of singer and performer but he didn't have to mention Elvis and he did, so good on him showing some respect and recognition. It may make his fans go out and buy some Elvis releases, which has got to be a good thing.
EspenK wrote on January 11, 2007
CEP - you said it, and said it well. It annoys me too, to watch those "Elvis-fans" who have absolutely no insight whatsoever in any other artist being released sometime during the last three decades. It's depressing, really.
Sean Ryan wrote on January 11, 2007
I also think its a shame when elvis fans feel they have to criticise a singer of today who has gone out of his way to pay tribute to Elvis.Regardless of what people think of JT, it was a great gesture to say what he did and perform his own version of 'Heartbreak Hotel' as a tribute.JT is a rolemodel for alot of teenagers today and his words are important to them.When someone as popular as JT says nice things about Elvis, youngsters listen.If JT said negative things about Elvis then i can understand Elvis fans getting upset.
see see rider wrote on January 11, 2007
music of today isn't music, it's a Record Companies pre-fabricated idea..and I'm not saying that just because I'm a Elvis fan, I'd still say that even if I wasn't. Artist's of today as well as the music it's self, no longer is real or has the heart and soul it used too have and it's been that way for the last two or three decades at least. Record Companies today sign just about everything and everybody that walks through the door..it's rediculous, and I'm not just talking about Rock 'N Roll..I'm talking all fields of music. But I guess in a sense, the pre-fabrication aspect has been around for a little while..example..look at all the "Bubblegum groups" of the 60's, most if not all were just a bunch of studio musicians playing on each others records, those bands didn't even exist..one band in particular.."The Archies", they was just a Saturday morning cartoon on TV and a comic strip in the news paper..that had a No.1 hit in 1969 with "Sugar Sugar"..go figure. But in the end, I'd much rather listen to (say) "The Archies" as compared too the stuff today. My right, My choice, My opinion..and if that makes me ignorant..then I guess I'll be ignorant with a smile on my face.
Sean Ryan wrote on January 11, 2007
see see rider, this isnt about what you or anyone's personal opinion is of JT or of todays music, its about one of the biggest artists today paying a great tribute to Elvis.I thought fans would be pleased what he did instead of knocking him.
chicken wrote on January 11, 2007
If you don't like modern music it's a sign your getting old, the oldies didn't like Elvis in the 50's and now some of you are turning into these very same people. JT's great not as good as Elvis but still great
Pachakuti! wrote on January 11, 2007
I think See See Rider has got a point there. Today's music (MTV and all that jazz) hasn't got any heart and soul, it's no way near as good as that good old-timey music. Getting old? No, I'm 21 yo! And you know what? I like classical music too - yes, it's true. What I noticed is that 'image' is a joke for classical musicians and country and western veterans alike. The younger pop stars are all about image. Their shows are so roman; big show, $$$, lights, glitter, glamour, girls, girls, girls and no culture. I even wish Elvis would have done less 'Girls, Girls, Girls' kinda material, because he had artistic potential way beyond that realm. He didn't get (or take) the chance to grow ripe as an actor and he shouldn't have been in Las Vegas that often, because Vegas is a casino and Elvis preferred temples. But all in all, even these things cannot compare to the cultural and musical vacuum of today's scene by a long shot. Yes, it's nice to read Justin did a version of 'Heartbreak Hotel', but that doesn't make him a timeless artist on the whole. I'd give a thumbs-up for music like the Carter Family's anytime. A guitar, another guitar, a voice, a shaky leg and that's it. Just as long as it's not the consumption-driven, superficial, empty money-oriented casino which is called today's music scene.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 11, 2007
PEP, i have new for you im not pathetic and i dont only listen to elvis,and no im not a fan of most of the music scene today,and im 32,so cant you the well your old argument(which i find very rude to begin with)its just that some of us on here arent in to whatefer is thrown out there,i myself dont have alot of respect for this american idol muis world,it use to be that people had to struggle to make and, and actually earn what they got,as for timberlake,hes the same guy who did the opps on tv a few years back at the superbowl,and no i dont care for the guy,he can sing elvis all day and night and i dont care!People have there right to like and not like what they choose and i for one dont shoot every performer or comapre them to elvis!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 11, 2007
CEP not pep, sorry my error,ill also add that alot of artists are signed today because of there sex appeal,not there talent,elvis just happen to have both,but now sex appeal seems to sell everything,you try to name 5 artists from todays music that doesnt have the perfect looking body!
byebye wrote on January 11, 2007
Forget it Mature, see seee rider etc.. If some are caught in the delusion that Mr: "Futuresex/Loveshow" is hip, than what can you do?! Bottom line is that whatever you feel about Justin´s honest tribute ;) we got to live with these individuals who has no opinion, but desperately post nonsens about others who have one. Remember that so uncool dude in the EP in concert from "77?!, he said -Whether you´re a redneck,hillbilly, into country etc, -Elvis will still be the king of Rock´n rolll. And you know what? -he was right! Regardless of the fact that many probably laugh at him on his behalf and think all Elvis fans are a bit weird. So what? He was right, and that´s the main thing. My point is, who cares what others think about me as an Elvis fan etc. I´m thankfull that I´m blessed with the good taste for being one. What I feel personally feel about Justin is that he doesn´t come across as a honest guy. I just find him canting like MJ. Allthough MJ is/was a good artist.
Sean Ryan wrote on January 11, 2007
I wish fans would stop saying negative things about JT.He paid tribute to Elvis,mentioned his birthday and it got a 2 page article in the biggest selling paper in the UK because of this and all fans can do is put him down just cause they dont like his music or him.Shame on all of you.
Elvisy wrote on January 11, 2007
Chill guys chill! Just lets say it was rather cute of Justin to pay tribute to Elvis. Dont everyone sometime or the other?? And oh my what the heck does anyone mean by saying Elvis fans are insecure? Should we be knowing and recognizing what true music is all about. IDont YOU think its the other way round? I sure think so!! And to another.... WE dont have to promote The King he is still reigning..... after 30 years?? And yeah we do listen to todays music !By the way if you can call it that. And I for that matter haven't crossed 35! but still feel the music went out with Elvis. Michael Jackson was the only one after Elvis and a few others but.....all in all most of todays music is sheer crap! And you are right Justin can dance but we are talking music??!! And we the elvis fans should be more tolerant towards other performers as you know.....they do land up on a list below!
EspenK wrote on January 12, 2007
Well, whats fabricated or not is really a question of definition. Many, I dare say most of todays artists, Timberlake being one of them, has a much higher level of involvement in the creation of their music than Elvis ever had. The lyrics, arrangement, production, coreography... Elvis never wrote a single word of the songs he performed. At the end he didn't even bother showing up in the studio for the recording of his albums. One may indeed ask who is the most fabricated one. Elvis was a good singer and performer, but so is a lot of todays artists, indeed. Also, todays music is *so* much more than the charts / tv-show artists (American Idol etc).
byebye wrote on January 12, 2007
Hey Espen, I´d rather be responsible for the screws at Roll´s Royce, than responsible for the engines at Lada.. It´s not about how much you do, it´s about what you do and the RESULT from it. Get it?!
Pachakuti! wrote on January 12, 2007
No music without tradition, the heart and soul. Elvis had that (inspite of all the girls, girls, girls, he had something timeless)- today's artists are about $$$ and image. There's no performer today like Bing Crosby, Elvis or Johnny Cash. These people didn't gain fame or fortune by chance or being lucky. Yes, Justin and Billy Gilman may be cute for having done 'Heartbreak Hotel', but they're no way near as good as Elvis, Johnny or Bing on the whole. Billy Gilman is very cute, although many don't know him. Just like Sal Mineo (who worked with James Dean in 'Rebel Without A Cause') he was popular for a while, he could smile for a while, but it turned out he didn't get a lot of roles after having turned 20. And it's sad, because there's more potential to these people. It's hard being timeless nowadays, but you gotta devote yourself in order to achieve that.
Tony D. wrote on January 13, 2007
What next? Snoop doggy Dog performing "Song of the shrimp"?! Even that would be way above "Snoop's" station!! IT CONTAINS REAL MUSIC!
EspenK wrote on January 13, 2007
Jesper, you got a valid point in itself, and being an Elvis fan I of course agree with the statement - though you can't really mean that *everything* being released after the 70s are crap, and *every* artist in modern times are crap/talentless? Other than that I'm sorry to say that the rest of the comments are so ignorant and irrational that it spoils any progression on an othervise interesting discussion/topic. You guys frustrate me now and then. :D
Pachakuti! wrote on January 13, 2007
Good artists are still alive, that's true. Maybe just a matter of personal opinion, it's hard to find anything that I like on the radio or on TV nowadays. And that's a problem..
byebye wrote on January 14, 2007
Of course not Espen. I dont see how anyone could interpret my postings into that?
see see rider wrote on January 15, 2007
What just because somebody says something good about somebody you like you're supposed to run right out and buy all their records? because all you Timberlake defenders on here keep saying the same thing over & over and I quote "You should give Timberlake a break he said something good about Elvis you should be thankful"..OK, so he said something nice about Elvis..that's not gonna make me fall at the mans feet and become a fan of him OR his music. My worst enemy could have nothing but praises to say about Elvis but that still don't mean were gonna be best buds, and if the truth be known (for you Timberlake defenders), even though you're worst enemies might prasie Elvis, you still aren't gonna feel any different about that person..you're still gonna be enemies so what's the difference..get over it!!!!
Tony D. wrote on January 15, 2007
Most of these so called "r&b" and rap artists' music and videos are sold on sex/shock tactics aimed at vulnerable young girls. This stuff has nothing in common with real created music.
Elvisy wrote on January 16, 2007
Espen K Just what the heck are you talking about?? what music what bull? Comparing the KING and all HIS GLORY to a mere Justin? Are you serious? I find it hilarious! The king did'nt have to write music u see he just had to open his beautiful mouth and it Flowed like a river of silver sound! Elvis had it all and not a hundred of Justins or whoever past present or future will be a GOD SENT like Elvis!
Elvisy wrote on January 16, 2007
Elvis did not have to write his music his golden voice did it all for him. Ever wondered why he WAS and Still called the KING?? And yes good for Justin who paid tribute to him and cute too. Justin on the other hand is not everyones taste in music. But Elvis ......WAS!!!