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Elvis Bible Stolen

January 13, 2007 | Other
Elvis personal bible that was on display in the Memorial chapel next to his birthhouse in Tupelo is reported stolen. No further details are known at the moment, but they ask to contact http://www.elvispresleybirthplace.com/ as soon as you see the item for sale.
kev11467 wrote on January 13, 2007
Geezz, someone's on the fast track to hell...
Mr Scrapbook wrote on January 13, 2007
The birthplace people have been quick with that news haven't they ! I was there last October and it was stolen before THAT !
Mofoca22 wrote on January 13, 2007
wow what low lifes to steal a bible
Crawfish wrote on January 13, 2007
No Elvis fan would ever dream of this sort of thing. Shame the low lifes get in there! My God I hope it is taken care of tho.
Presleygirl wrote on January 13, 2007
That's awful. What some people will do.
stanton wrote on January 13, 2007
Incredible! It is wellknown that many things are a target for pickpockets and other thieves, but to steel his bible right away, this now is the boldest thing I`ve heard so far. Except for those that were digging around at the Forrest Hill shortly after the funeral. Fortunately they exhumed Elvis`body and moved it into Graceland`s safety, I am sure they would have stolen his body, too. Shows how sick some people are.
Steve V wrote on January 14, 2007
Could not have been a true fan. But how in the world could this happen? Where was the security?
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on January 14, 2007
Why was this not under lock & key, how stupid can some people be.
efan4ever wrote on January 15, 2007
That's funny kev11467.
gracepines wrote on January 15, 2007
I can't believe that a true Elvis Fan would do something like this. I know we all like to collect things that belong to Elvis, but stealing something so personal. I hope its returned.
Palle wrote on January 15, 2007
Maybe Mofoca22 took it, he blasts Elvis fans for not buying every single crap re-re-re-re-release from BMG; maybe he extends that also to all things Elvis - he must have every single item one by one, "slowly but surely" :) ......only kidding, no offense. But seriously, sadly some deranged Elvis fan will most likely be willing to buy it :(
Elvisy wrote on January 16, 2007
Is it the same Holy Bible that had a lot of markings made by Elvis? Well all I can say is... I defnitely would'nt have stolen it but yeah, had I got my hands on it or close to it,I surely would have FELT like keeping it! Not actually stealing........Look for it on ebay though you can never tell! And hey, I think the security itself must have it or people who had access to it. With Elvis anything is possible!
MR61 wrote on January 20, 2007
it shows how low some people will go.