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Double Trouble Book Ready In April

January 08, 2007 | Book
The book "Inside Double Trouble" is almost ready. The presentation of the book is scheduled for April 14th - exactly 40 years after the premiere. "Inside Double Trouble" comes with the original movie (DVD), a vinyl promotion single and a 40 year old radio commercial.
Steve V wrote on January 08, 2007
Not a good movie. Very cheaply made. Why a book on this?
JustPretend1975 wrote on January 08, 2007
Hey Steve V, The book is made by the Belgium fanclub ElvisMatters. You probably know that the story in the movie is located in Belgium. That's the link why the book is made. There are a lot of interesting things to know about the actual shooting in Belgium and there are interviews with the guy who played Elvis during the Belgian schooting.
Shakingruud wrote on January 09, 2007
Looking forward to this one!! Better than a ´Talking Elvis´ doll!!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 09, 2007
Im with you on this one steve,books books and more books, yippi
old shep wrote on January 09, 2007
Does the package include a pillow and ear plugs. A dismal film and soundtrack, what's the point!
Tony D. wrote on January 09, 2007
The point probably is because many fans collect and like to see previously unpublished pictures, enjoy nicely presented products and like to read up and get insights into the various phases of Elvis' varied career.
old shep wrote on January 09, 2007
Sorry Tony, being around when the film and soundtrack came out brings back bad memories of Elvis' decline in the movie business. Long legged Girl was perhaps the worst single RCA ever put out, if that was'nt enough we had Old Macdonald to contend with on the soundtrack
Steve V wrote on January 09, 2007
Tony has somewhat of a point, but I was ridiculed in high school for buying this soundtrack and F&J, and Paradise, and the lastest singles like Long Legged Girl, etc. The list goes on & on. For those of us that lived it, it was tuff being an Elvis fan in 1965-1967. I will prob never watch this or many of the other embarassing ones again. I'm sure if ever do, I will skip over Old McDonald, Petunia, Queenie Whahini, and other classics.
old shep wrote on January 09, 2007
Yeh, it was tuff being an Elvis fan in them days LOL. But the thing was there were plenty of good tracks labelled BONUS songs on some of these awful albums. RCA did'nt have a clue, I remember watching There's Always Me, being played on Juke Box Jury as Elvis' new single and seeing some of the audiance smirking at the song.The track is good but not single material.What a pity the B side Judy was'nt plugged as the A side. At least it would have charted!
Dixieland Rock wrote on January 09, 2007
What I want to know is how on earth did the script writers decide the next logcal scene after Elvis' character being shot at in the film is to show him sitting on the back of a truck, full of chickens and a babe singing "Old MacDonald?
Dixieland Rock wrote on January 10, 2007
After just being shot at, I don't think anyone in their right mind would be hankering to sit on a slow moving truck and ripping into a version of "Old MacDonald". It looks like the same minds these script writers had still lives on today in those deciding that the talking Elvis and the Elvis duck are the right direction to go. We need minds like Steve Binder & Chips Moman to run the show.
GirlHappy wrote on January 10, 2007
The fact that the movie came out forty years ago, bringin' out a book on the movie is a pretty special way to celebrate it!! Wether it is a good movie or not, I have always enjoyed watching it. Seeing Elvis is always a thrill for me, I am thankfull for the movies he made. At least they give us so many chances to see Elvis on the screen.
Steve V wrote on January 23, 2007
Good point - The Houston Astrodome gigs are due a book if there is enough photos to substain it. I believe this was the first concert & press conference after Vegas when Elvis decided to perform again. Reason enough for a book. Also MSG, a book on the press conference and concerts would be great. I went to all 4 MSG shows and I can tell you that New York City was constantly abuzz with Elvis fever. The ads in the paper, the signs on the street, the evening news on TV. Yes bring on a book! Much better than any movie book.
Tony D. wrote on March 10, 2007
There has been a book detailing Elvis' Astrodome shows called "Steamrolling over Texas". The MSG shows have also been well documented in various books. The "Double trouble" book won't be "written"; it will be primarily a photo book, showing us rare and unpublished photos from the making of the movie, on set, etc, thus will be an opportunity for fans of Elvis to get pictures we havn't had before! People are already moaning about the upcoming FTD book "Live in LA" because, they are saying, it's another book showing Elvis in a jumpsuit! So it seems EVERYONE has differing opinions on rare photo material!