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Complete Artwork Unchained Melody

January 10, 2007 | Music
Here is the complete artwork of the latest Follow That Dream escape "Unchained melody". Just like the front cover, all picturers are from Keith Alverson's collection. Keith had preferred a collage, but still he's happy with the result.

This release contains a soundboard recording from Elvis' concert in Charlotte, North Carolina on February 20, 1977 with additional bonus songs from the same tour. The engineer never recorded the beginning of the shows on this tour, so the CD starts with "Love Me".

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GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 10, 2007
The back cover pics, should have been the front cover pics... (I'm not fond, of the Front cover) However the CD content, is what counts.. and its a good one !! Elvis still put on... "some amazing shows".. in 1977.
Ronaldv wrote on January 10, 2007
as I expected, a great release! but what is that scratchy sound in the song, where no one stands alone?? or am I the only one who noticed this? the version on various imports doesn't have these crisping sounds. is it my cd or is it an error in the cd???
Lex wrote on January 10, 2007
He looks as bad as he sounds. And no Ronald, it is on my CD too... the disortion (not Elvis himself, but the technical disortion). I guess the producer didn't have the guts to sit out the whole thing and so he didn't notice. I have to admit I didn't either... just skipped through it, and it is just what I expected it to be... the worst official Elvis release ever. The only acceptable track is Reconsider Baby.
Ronaldv wrote on January 10, 2007
Gee, I hope that you realize what you are saying here! I assume most of the fans disagree, look at the quickpoll
Lex wrote on January 10, 2007
Well, I clearly know what I said... and believe me, I did vote... but do not belong to the majority that think that anything with Elvis' image and/or voice on it is great. I am neither blind nor deaf.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 10, 2007
I look forward to receiving this release, regardless of the one bad review. In 1976 and 1977, Elvis had his "Good and Bad" concert appearances.. however each show, had that "special" moment..
Paul Reno wrote on January 11, 2007
I must thank Keith for his excellent photographs. Elvis looks good in them. FTD continue to release fantastic products. Hopefully this will continue. Many thanks FTD, a shame they don't get recognised by the public. Their releases are brilliant.
Tony D. wrote on January 13, 2007
In spite of one scating "review", this cd has been released on demand as there are many fans who like to hear performances from Elvis' WHOLE career. Whilst this is indeed not one of Elvis' better vocal performances, there is certainly some good music within and there's no denying Elvis' commitment and willingness to try some different songs during this tour.