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Vegas Rhythm - Special Birtday Edition

January 02, 2007 | Music
A new import release has been announced. The new Gravel Road Music label will release a soundboard from Elvis' dinner show performance from February 3, 1973 at the Las Vegas Hilton. Part of this concert has previously been released on the import release "It's A Matter of Time".

The pressrelease:

The newly formed Gravel road music team, is packing out with an fabulous release which would make The King smile. This release we found fit for a birthday present to the fans…

The audio and performance is of very high quality and done in a professional studio with the demands of a regular Elvis release which makes the music sounding fresh and as if it was recorded yesterday, the designs are finally worthy to look through for a Las Vegas Hilton Hotel release. The Hilton has a classy style which shines through the total design.
Also the Classical Vegas folio booklet is enclosed just to achieve a complete 1973 Elvis season Vegas package. With total of 20 pages stuffed with colour photos and information of the January/February Elvis Festival.

More complete and better sounding isn’t available, We hope you enjoy this fabulous album as much as we did making it. Some might know this under a different date , but it’s not to compare with this release. Just sit down and be there! The king of Music is back on stage!

The tracklist:
01 Opening
02 See See Rider
03 I Got A Woman
04 Untill It's Time For You To Go
05 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
06 Steamroller Blues
07 You Gave Me A Mountain
08 Fever
09 Love Me
10 Blue Suede Shoes
11 Love Me Tender
12 Johnny B.Goode
13 Hound Dog
14 What Now, My Love
15 Suspicious Minds
16 Band Introductions
17 I'll Remember You
18 I Can't Stop Loving You
19 American Trilogy
20 Can't Help Falling In Love – closing theme
asd123 wrote on January 02, 2007
Cool.. but the "old" baxter release was already in pretty good soundquality. This is one to look forward to, anyway!!
BigRedGG wrote on January 02, 2007
Groan!! For a second I thought we were getting something new, but this is just a straight copy of a Cd that already sounds excellent!!
BuzzingBee wrote on January 02, 2007
Looks like a winner to me., the Baxter was always a bit simple too me and it sounded tired.We were pleasantly surprised when The Triangle, Hampton Roads was released, that was someting better than the Vicky release So, lets see what these guys did. Love the presentation. I hope they got the tracking right. Well the start is cool lets hear and see...
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 02, 2007
BuzzingBee,you registered only hours ago. Aren't you the person (w.nker) behind this CD? I think you just want to promote this crap:) Don't think you will sell more than 50 copies.
BuzzingBee wrote on January 02, 2007
Hi Fly trouble, sure its true I signed up afew hours ago since my old one is lost. The thing is I always said that i liked the show and finally a better release comes around. So i had to react to this one. my favorite period is Aloha and Elvis was even better in that following season so this must be a kicking thing
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 02, 2007
Have you lost your password? Ask for a new password and you will get that from the owners of this site. Otherwise,what was your old nick? Let me know please!
BuzzingBee wrote on January 02, 2007
I was registerd under my own name r.mercao
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 02, 2007
If you know your old nick then why haven't you asked for a new password? Your story is suspicious,at least,but i don't wan't to insult you. The only sure thing that i won't buy this CD.
I Saw the Light wrote on January 02, 2007
A little self promotion doesn't hurt :) I don't know how big improvement in sound can be, but if this cd comes out with a nice booklet and even without any sound improvement, I'll definately buy it as I dont have original 'It's A Matter Of Time' cd. After first review, we'll know everything better. Untill then, let's hope that this guys didnt just waste their and our time on this project.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 02, 2007
Not intersted in this at all,im not going to start upgrading imports because they might or are suppose to have a so called better sound,too much other stuff i can spend my money on!
BuzzingBee wrote on January 02, 2007
Fly trouble, After a few tries, I just thought what the heck I'll create a new one. And about the re-release idea how often did BMG or RCA re release their lps and cds? I just wait an see if I should be happy or disapointed when I can hear/see it.. but if its true what they say , it has to be a winner. We can't say more till we have the real mcCoy. When will it be released ? I guess the 8th if its a real birthday cd
B_H wrote on January 02, 2007
I for one am happy to see that the old bootlegs is getting released with new and improved sound and artwork. That's maybe because the fact that I am a young fan, and those old releases is getting hard to find. But i respect the ones that rejects the re-releases, if you have something against the cds, just don't buy them! I will buy this one for sure! Keep em coming! =)
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 03, 2007
I dont have anything against them,i just choose to not replace all my cd's everytime theres a so called upgrade in sound,for the fans who dont have these it a great chance for them to get these shows, that can be hard to track down,even if the sound isnt better, they would still be great for those fans!
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 03, 2007
If we are lucky FORT BAXTER will re-release this show with beautiful booklet and in improved sound quality. Don't buy this crap and wait for the quality FORT BAXTER reissue! What do you know about this 'new' Gravel Road Music label? NOTHING! These are thieves. Don't support them! If you support them then you won't get any new stuff in the future,only amateur repackaged stuff like this one. PLEASE DON'T KILL THE QUALITY LABELS!!!
Tony C wrote on January 03, 2007
Of course they are thieves, all bootleggers are! In their defence, they have been giving us unreleased Elvis material since 1970, and if the demand had not been shown for these tapes we might never had had the FTD label. I think to describe a revamped CD containing a soundboard recording said to be in improved quality than the previous release as crap is a little strong. As Mature_Elvis_Fan wrote, you can simply purchase or pass by.
Ronaldv wrote on January 06, 2007
the import it's a matter of time is from feb 5th, maybe it's a compilation of feb 5th and 3rd. vegas feb 3 1973 is not listed on the site elvisoncd.com. so this is new to me. the best thing is to wait and read the review.
Steve V wrote on January 06, 2007
The post 1970 shows are interchangeable now. Just like the movies became. Who cares anymore? Elvis walked through most of them & didnt deviate the show much at all. Find some 50's shows , re-release the 1961 benefit, or how about the first Astrodome show or the 1970 tour in the fall. Then we've got something.