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Elvis Suit For Belgian Statue

January 06, 2007 | Other
The statue of "Manneke Pis", the number one symbol for the Belgian capital Brussels and by far the most famous statue in Belgium, will be wearing an Elvis jumpsuit next Monday, celebrating Elvis’s 72nd birthday.

The suit is designed by students of the Erasmus College in Brussels. The statue itself, is over 500 years old and has been photographed countless times in countless costumes.
Sylvain wrote on January 06, 2007
I have a beautiful color picture of it e-mail me and I'll send it to you.
benny scott wrote on January 06, 2007
Hi June, Don't be shocked! This statue in my country is a legend.The first one was already there in the 16th century !!! It has been stolen several times and also replaced many times. The statue wore already more than 400 costumes or suits !!!, always representing famous people, and it was never ever meant to laugh at this famous personalities, on the contrary.Maybe from your point of vew this may look a little weird or strange, but our tradition means this : dressing the statue with a suit of a famous person is considered as a compliment and respect. Always El
stanton wrote on January 08, 2007
The suit looks better on the little guy there than on most impersonators. But anyways- it is weired and even though the little "pisser" is the pride of Belgium, they don`t have to share this with the Elvis World.
kev11467 wrote on January 09, 2007
Gues you could say its "Big E" showing off "lil' E" LOL.....