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Elvis Straight Up Volume 1

January 03, 2007 | Book
Joe Esposito announced yet another book. According to his announcement this book entitled "Elvis Straight Up!" is "destined to become the most examined and talked about Book since "Elvis, What Happened?"". This first volume, due for release this summer, should include never before seen photos. The site says "The Fireworks Begin July 4".

He also created a website at: http://www.elvisstraightup.com/
Source:Elvis Straight Up

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byebye wrote on January 03, 2007
A more appropriate title is "Joe, What Happened?"
Jth wrote on January 03, 2007
Three books he has written about Elvis, at least according to Amazon UK, the second one only published last year. BMG releases christmas cd's every year, is Joe going to release an Elvis book every year too?
BRothbart wrote on January 03, 2007
I think there has been a few other talked about elvis books since Elvis What Happend? What about Elvis by Albert Goldman (Although this like most is a piece of trash) and Elvis and Me by Priscilla. They were pretty talked about books. It will be interesting to see why this will be so "talked about."
tmorelli@hughes.net wrote on January 03, 2007
I guess we are seeing a 'perfect storm' this year. Not only is it a big Elvis year with the 30th anniversary of his death but it is also a year in which many of the 'inner circle' probably hope to go to the well one last time and cash in. They are all getting up there in age now and are at the very least smart enough to realize that many of them won't be around to squeeze a few more dollars out of the Elvis rock for the 40th anniversary. Pretty soon we should start to expect to see a whole new crop of Elvis books written by the children of the people who used to be there. I can see it now - "Uncle Elvis: What Happened" An intimate story from the children who's parents saw it all...
Jerome wrote on January 05, 2007
It is up to Joe Esposito whether to talk about it or not, but I believe he has going through hell with Elvis the last couple of years. And as far as I know he hardly talked about it and I believe if he would give all the details (which he will never do and these things aren't our business anyway) we would give Joe more credit, I honestly believe. These are people who protect Elvis and I think it is reasonably fair if they make a buck out of it.