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Elvis Dining Room On Auction

January 05, 2007 | Book
On eBay you can currently bid on a dining room and owned and used by Elvis and Priscilla Presley at their Beverly Hills home.

The description from eBay:

Complete dining room set consisting of a large round wooden table with carved wood base and 9 matching chairs, accompanied by a matching credenza & rug, all owned and used by Elvis & Priscilla Presley at their 1174 Hillcrest Drive, Beverly Hills, California home.

(1) Dining table: Round top wood table with 3 tier carved wooden base (two call buttons attached under table)

(9) Dining chairs: suede, cane back with arms

(1) Credenza: 9 drawer buffet, 94"

(1) Rug: creme colored rug

History: Elvis & Priscilla moved into their Beverly Hills home at 1174 Hillcrest Drive shortly after their wedding in May 1967. Elvis wanted this house to be perfect so he hired famed builder/interior decorator, Tom Lane of Newport Beach, California. In contrast to his Memphis home "Graceland", this home was furnished with only the finest of the day. The extent of his deep appreciation for the only home he and Priscilla ever owned jointly, and where his daughter Lisa spent her first six years, can best be summed up by the statement he (Elvis) made when leaving. He said, "This home is so perfect that not even an ashtray should be moved." He sold this house fully furnaced. Don B. Smith Auction Company held an auction for the new owners at the Hollywood Palladium in 1980 selling the personal property of Elvis & Priscilla from this home.

Measurements: Table top 84 inches. Cradenza 94 inches long.

Documentation: Originally obtained by the Elvis Presley Museum at the Don B. Smith, September 14, 1980 "Personal Property Formerly Owned by Elvis and Priscilla Presley" auction held at the Hollywood Palladium. Was then displayed for many years at the Elvis Presley Museum. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the Elvis Presley Museum and a color copy of the 1980 Hillcrest Estate Auction catalog.

Estimated value: $25,000.00-$35,000.00

Condition: Excellent, used with minor scratches and scuffing from its use, nothing that detracts from its overall appearance.

The item ID on eBay is: 7580142234.
Jerome wrote on January 05, 2007
this has been on ebay a long time. you r crazy to spent that much money on a dining room that is first of all: out of style and supposedly been used by Elvis. Imagine yourself buying this and use it for your home. After spending all that money on it, people just would still walk in and say: 'Oh really, this was Elvis his chair and table?? Anyway, what's for dinner?...'
PaulFromFrance wrote on January 06, 2007
Do they have any pictures with Elvis sitting on these chairs and using these furnitures ?
Mystery Rider wrote on January 06, 2007
Elvis was a super star, but he had NO taste in furiture, this may be good for fire wood incase of another blizzard in Denver colorado. Ps i met the man who built the Jungle room ffurnature it was done in Brooklyn NY around 1975 and even he told me then they would not of put it into his garage. an Pris being an Army Brat anything better than an orange crate was ok
Elvisy wrote on January 07, 2007
I may have bought even Elvis' toilet seat if it was on sale IF I had the cash! Seriously anything Elvis is worth buying even if he had a rotten tooth!! The very fact He sat on those chairs hmmmmm! .........gives me goose bumps! By the way Elvis was a simple man with slightly gaudy tastes but who cares it WAS his taste so whose complaining!
Elvisy wrote on January 08, 2007
Just a second! Paulfromfrance, thats something I never thought about! Yeah good question....do they have photos of Elvis sitting on those chairs??