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Elvis And The Birth Of Rock Released

January 03, 2007 | Book
Originally due for release December 2006, but available now is the book "Elvis And The Birth Of Rock" with photographs from Lew Allen. The large format book, published by Genisis Publications, is "a remarkable collection of mainly unseen photographs of the great, early rock & roll stars: Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Bobby Darin, Frankie Avalon and many more" according to the press release.

For the Elvis fans the 27 pictures of Elvis Presley are the most interesting. On November 23rd, 1956 a 17-year-old boy from Cleveland, a keen photographer who worked for his high school newspaper, was invited to photograph Elvis Presley at the Cleveland Arena, Ohio. A labour strike at the three major newspapers in Cleveland meant that Lew Allen was the only photographer at the show.

Only 1750 copies of the book have been made; a regular edition for 250 pounds (1400 copies signed an numbered) and 350 copies in a deluxe edition which comes with 3 signed and numbered limited edition prints of Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers and Bobby Darin for 395 pounds.
elvis4life wrote on January 04, 2007
If you go on the Genesis Publications site [I think it's still against the rules to post links, so you'll have to do a search for the site], with shipping to the USA it comes to about $533.00 [that's NOT a type error folks], it's about $533.00 [depending on the exchange rate at the time of buying the book]. Would any of you wanna pay that much for a book [new, used or sealed]? In my opinion, that's WAY TOO outrageous. Have a Happy New Year everyone.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 06, 2007
To answer your question in one word -NO