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Elvis A Presley - Music Man Myth Reissue

January 05, 2007 | Book
The six hundred pages Elvis biopic "Elvis A. Presley - Music, Man, Myth" from the Belgian author Marc Hendrickx will be reissued in The Netherlands spring 2007 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Elvis’ death. This edition will be updated to 2006.

The first edition was published in 1994, in later years another Dutch reissue and French and German versions were released. With this re-run of the book, Marc hits the 20.000 mark for a Ducth Elvis book.
Source:Marc Hendrickx' website
elvis4life wrote on January 05, 2007
In my opinion, I wish Mr. Hendrickx would offer his books in English. From what I've read & heard, his Elvis books are very good.
wayup wrote on January 05, 2007
Oh no... this book was published 1000 times since 1994, in dutch, german, french... just one singe english edition was better. I am tired of it..., Great book, but why to hell so many language versions? What will be next, Russian edition, Chinese?
Shakingruud wrote on January 06, 2007
In my opinion one of the most interesting Elvis book ever written.
PaulFromFrance wrote on January 06, 2007
One of the best Elvis book ever published. Maybe the best. But I agree... an English version would be a very good idea for our friends overthere. But I think that maybe the translation fees would be quite expensive for such a book.
Lex wrote on January 06, 2007
IMNSHO it IS the best book ever on Elvis. I'm afraid it's more the copyright issue for the photos that makes it too expensive for an English release.
PaulFromFrance wrote on January 06, 2007
Lex... I understand the copyright issue for the States, but what about U.K.? After all, they are in Europe, even if they pretend otherwise. :-)))) So, I think that a translation for our Brit friends is a possibility. But you seem to know more about this problem. Too bad, because if you have only few books in your Elvis collection, this one is a MUST have !
Lex wrote on January 07, 2007
It has nothing to do with geographics, but with language.... and I think this book has to be in any Elvis-library, without it it is not complete.