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James Brown Died

December 25, 2006 | People
James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul," whose rasping vocals and revolutionary rhythms made him a founder of rap, funk and disco, died early Monday, his agent said. He was 73. Brown was hospitalized in Atlanta with pneumonia on Sunday and died around 1:45 A.M. Monday, his agent said. Longtime friend Charles Bobbit was by his side.

Along with Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and a handful of others, Brown was one of the major musical influences of the past 50 years.

About Elvis Presley he said: "I wasn't just a fan, I was his brother. He said I was good and I said he was good; we never argued about that. Elvis was a hard worker, dedicated, and God loved him. Last time I saw him was at Graceland. We sang Old Blind Barnabus together, a gospel song. I love him and hope to see him in heaven. There'll never be another like that soul brother."

Another quote according to his Reverent Sharpton: "There are two American originals, Elvis and me, Elvis is gone, and I've got to carry on."
Jth wrote on December 25, 2006
Rest in peace James - and for us Europeans his time of death was 06:45 GMT
Martin DJ wrote on December 25, 2006
On December 15, on a radio show, I played both Elvis' and James Brown's version of Merry Christmas Baby, the latter recorded in 1966. It's not known what the King of Rock 'n' Roll thought about the Godfather of Soul, but we do know how Brown felt about Elvis. In his autobiography he writes: ‘For some reason his death hit me very hard. (...) When he died, I said. “That’s my friend, I have to go.” I went to Graceland that night. (...) I talked to Elvis’ father, saying what I could to help console him. But when I walked over to the open casked I needed consoling.’
Sirbalkan wrote on December 25, 2006
God bless his soul. I hope those two great spirits find eachother and sing together again.
Lex wrote on December 25, 2006
Another original gone... God has a hell of a band up there by now, well... it's about the only reason making me want to believe in all of that. Stephen King can rewrite his "You Know They Got a Hell of a Band" about that little town Rock and Roll Heaven into a full novel now...
PaulFromFrance wrote on December 25, 2006
Good bye, James. Kiss Marilyn for me. And say what you know to big E. We'll meet one fine day, and... Oh sh.t! I don't believe in Heaven !
Steve V wrote on December 25, 2006
RIP James. I had tickets to see you this Thursday in NJ at the NJPAC. I am still in shock. One of the original 10 inductees into the R&R HOF. There ain't many left. Man I cannot believe this.
see see rider wrote on December 25, 2006
R.I.P James..you'll be sorely missed!!
MarkE wrote on December 25, 2006
sad news for music lovers :-(
Ton Bruins wrote on December 26, 2006
Yet another great performer/singer is gone. Sad news. RIP.
Lefty wrote on December 26, 2006
The statements James Brown made about Elvis are indeed precious. Yes, God loved Elvis and He loved James Brown. Of course James will see Elvis in Heaven. Apparently, James had faith in God. Faith is what keeps us going and it gives us purpose. With all due respect, I feel sorry for those who make it a point to say that they do not believe in God or Heaven. Without hope for a better life after this one, what is the point of living now?
Aron wrote on December 26, 2006
Rest In Peace, James!
efan4ever wrote on December 27, 2006
Well said Lefty!
Ton Bruins wrote on December 27, 2006
Well, Lefty please don't feel sorry for me all though I don't believe in God neither in heaven....
Steve V wrote on December 27, 2006
I cant believe there are that many Elvis fans who dont believe since he was such a spiritual person. Kinda tough listening to How Great Thou Art, no? Man I hate to think this is as good as it gets.
Rob Wanders wrote on December 27, 2006
To believe or not to believe; too hard to answer this question in only a few words; but what's important, my dear Lefty, is to make a bit of Heaven here on earth for yourself, the people around you and everyone/thing that lives. Enjoy life and we will see, hopefully not so soon, what's after it. And never feel sorry for people with other opinions/ feelings/ thoughts. It comes across as if your thoughts/opinions/feelings are superior to people with other feelings/opinions/thoughts. And hopefully that is not what you meant. Everyone all the best for 2007, may it be a more peaceful year as 2006.
Ronaldv wrote on December 27, 2006
james RIP, I will remember you as I saw you on stage back in 1988 in the Hague, Gee what a gig!!! another G R E A T performer died, very sad news this christmas.
efan4ever wrote on December 28, 2006
Another good point: Steve V
efan4ever wrote on December 28, 2006
Just listen to the song Without Him. That says it all!
Martin DJ wrote on December 28, 2006
A James Brown quote from the CNN website, where the rev. Al Sharpton is interviewed: "He used to tell me, 'There are two American originals, Elvis and me,' Sharpton said. 'Elvis is gone, and I've got to carry on.'"
Ton Bruins wrote on December 29, 2006
Well said, Rob Wanders. My thoughts about "Lefty" exactly. Live and let live....
Lex wrote on December 29, 2006
Steve V., I can listen to a song - even a religious one - and like it because of the song. It doesn't mean that I stand behind the lyrics, as I don't stand behind a lot of lyrics. And I care even less about the fact that E was religious... he was a drug addict too... is that why you are on drugs? Well, it's the arrogance of the religious people (whatever religion it may be) to feel sorry for others... and cause 99% of the wars. Elvis4ever: Without Him is about me :-)
Steve V wrote on December 29, 2006
Lex - How do I answer thee? Thou brain cannot think of the ways except to say I am not on drugs (very demeaning on your part) and I am not a religious fanatic. I just dont think Elvis would have listened to gospel & recorded it if the lyrics didnt mean anything to him and I think most folks feel that way. By the way , try Sam Cooke's Soul Stirrers CD if you want to hear great music without listening to the lyrics. Pardon me while I go start a war now.
Greg Nolan wrote on December 30, 2006
Those are some great quotes by the late James Brown on Elvis. I've seen them all before but it's good to see. The Al Sharpton quote attibuted to JB is interesting, although I think legendary acts like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Miles Davis and others might take issue about who is in the "American original club"! But I get Brown's point! On the other issue, Lex, I'm not religious nut but I am a Christian and so can tell you that atheism has quite a blood toll, too. One doesn't have to be religious to like "How Great Thou Art," on that I agree. But to your other point, as many have recently argued, the 20th century turned the tables and put the blood on those who waved the flag of atheistic humanism. From an article entitled "The Greatest Killer": "The 20th Century has been the bloodiest century in all of history. And humanism has proven to be the most destructive religion of all time. Far more people have been killed in the name of atheism than by all other religions combined. Historian Paul Johnson has observed that ”the 20th Century state has proved itself the great killer of all time.” The 20th Century has seen the worst atrocities ever committed. The word ”genocide”, a new term coined in the 20th Century, describes what has occurred repeatedly in secular humanist states - which had first disarmed their populations... ....First published in French, "The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression" presents a very conservative estimate of the number of civilians murdered by Marxist regimes based on the Marxist regime’s own records: 20 million in the USSR; 65 million in Red China; 1 million in Vietnam; 2 million in North Korea; 2 million in Cambodia; 1,5 million in Afghanistan, and so on. It documents that, according to the communist regimes’ own archives, the total death toll is at least 100 million people killed by communist governments between 1917 and 1991. ".....
Lex wrote on December 30, 2006
Isn't communism just another religion? I bet in a few decades people will look to it that way... it has many similarities. Anyway, the number of deaths doesn't have to do with the number of casualties, if only because the technology in the 20th century was more effective - and there were more people to kill. Anyway, we drift away from JB I think ;-)... it's just the arrogance in remarks like "I feel sorry" and "Elvis fans who don't believe since he was such a spiritual person" that make me trigger.
Ton Bruins wrote on January 01, 2007
I agree with Lex here. Believe in God or who ever but leave me alone and please don't feel sorry for me because I am an atheist. I am doing just fine. By the way I love Elvis ' gospels...
Steve V wrote on January 01, 2007
Well I have my opinion and you guys have yours. My brother-in-law is an atheist and when he visits at Christmas time, he cannot get into singing Silent Night or other songs with us because he doesnt believe. I'm just saying how the heck can u listen to song and totally dismiss its lyrics? Sure you can like the music, but a song is half about the lyrics. To me it seems hypocritical. I like Elvis but cannot listen to Clambake, Queenie Whahini and many others. By the way, I dont feel sorry for you. To each his own.
boris wrote on January 01, 2007
Sad news... I saw James Brown in concert 4 times and that was some experience! I interviewed him once and when he talked about Elvis it was only respect, fun and admiration. I guess Elvis was one of his main influence though it sounds strange to think the godfather of soul did not invent it all... Anyway he talked about Elvis with love and respect. Rest in peace Mr Brown.
Elvisy wrote on January 03, 2007
I feel a need to comment. You can defnitely listen to a song and like it but let me tell you even Elvis sang many rock and roll songs not very audible to hear the words clearly, but when it came to gospel songs you can really feel that he was feeling and putting so much of his soul in it and it rocked you for sure!! So......being an atheist is living in an empty world. No matter what anyone may say. I love the living God and all and so did my Elvis! By the way let God be the judge .......May James Brown rest in peace !
Ton Bruins wrote on January 05, 2007
I tell you what Steve V: I think your brother-in-law is a hypocrite. Can't listen to Silent Night because he is an atheist ? Come on now....lol.
Steve V wrote on January 06, 2007
Ton - I didnt say listen, I said sing along to it. Thats where the words/lyrics come in. He cant feel it, so he doesnt sing it. Sure he can listen - prob doesnt mean anything to him though. Good dialog. I enjoy hearing other people's views.