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Hawaii 1972

December 26, 2006 | Video
An unknown source will release shortly a new DVD with 8mm movies and matching sound containing the pre-Aloha concerts which Elvis did on the Hawaiian islands. The DVD will be called simply "Hawaii 1972". This appears to be a reissue with a different cover of the DVD "Blue Hawaii '72" we mentioned September 2006.
Pedro Nuno wrote on December 26, 2006
The Import Concerts are from audience recordings but the line up is very good and the Show is excellent. If we have a good picture quality, it maybe something very interesting. TCB All!
Tony D. wrote on December 27, 2006
I have had this (as have a lot of fans) for about 3 months! It is very good. Sourced from Japan!
Narek wrote on December 27, 2006
hmm does amazon have this?
ElvisBR wrote on December 27, 2006
Good quality , lazy Elvis...
Ronaldv wrote on December 27, 2006
great dvd, it's fantastic to see elvis in these spirits! a like the new cover, compared to the "old'' one.
marco31768 wrote on December 27, 2006
This is a great idea but... how can I find it ???
Tony D. wrote on December 28, 2006
Ha, ha! No, Amazon don't sell pirate dvd's of fan's home movie footage!! But if you know fans or keep an eye on Ebay, I'm sure someone will oblige.
Renan Augusto wrote on December 28, 2006
I´m almost sure this is the same source of Blue Hawaii. I mean the Japanese source. So probably nothing new there.
SuziB wrote on January 10, 2007
Have jusrt purchased this - avoid at all costs, it's a piece of junk. The picture is incredibly fuzzy but the sound is even worse - Elvis could be singing anything for everything is distant and distorted. Yes, its an audience recording but it really is dreadful. Also included are 'Japanese Television Recordings' - do not make the mistake of thinking these were recorded by a Japanese TV company - these are simply absolute dire recording from the TV!!! Overall none out of 10. Should have used the money towards the intereactive Elvis head!!! Would have been far better spent...