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The Last Elvis Movies On DVD?

December 21, 2006 | Video
According to a posting on the FECC messageboard a Dutch DVD site newsletter mentions possible DVD releases for "This Is Elvis", "Charro", "Girl Happy", "Kissin' Cousins", "Live a Little Love a Little" and "Stay Away Joe". These discs should be due for a possible release in august 2007. No mentioning of "Tickle Me". Remember these lists are with reservations and Warner could change release date or withdraw them.
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
PTCJones wrote on December 23, 2006
I will not get too excited just yet. There have been so many chop and changes with these releases, especially This Is Elvis. A lot can happen in a year.
moody blue wrote on December 23, 2006
A lot can happen in a year?.more like NOTHING can happen in a year.
elvis-finland wrote on December 23, 2006
I hope these are going to be released in 2007 as officially. I would/will buy them. Now they have chance to make another "Triple box" of those. You know, like "Girl Happy", "Live a Little, Love a Little" and "Stay Away, Joe" in same box. Or something.
Greg Nolan wrote on December 30, 2006
This seems like really wishful thinking but I hope it's right, not that anyone would care about at least some of these titles but us fanatics! Until then, I'll have to enjoy my VHS of "This Is Elvis," "Kissin' Cousins," "Live A Little..," and DVD-R's of bootlegged wide-screen versions of "Girl Happy," and "Tickle Me." I may have to get the bootleg DVD's of the others as well. I'd buy the official ones in a flash!
luckyjackson85 wrote on January 03, 2007
Well, once again these sources raise my hopes of owning the official releases of all these movies . I can't help to wonder what about "Tickle Me". I guess that's the wonder of Warner. That's the wonder the wonder of you!
Steve V wrote on January 03, 2007
As awful as some of these movies are (I cant sit thru Tickle Me or Kissin Cousins) they should all be on DVD now. This is ridiculous. In 1985, for Elvis' 50th birthday, MGM released them all on VHS in a big marketing campaign. Here we are 22 years later and they are unavailable. It boggles the mind.