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Elvis Presley Enterprises Buys Chinese Restaurant

December 21, 2006 | Other
Elvis Presley Enterprises has bought "China Buffet", a restaurant at 3641 Elvis Presley Blvd. for $1 million. The 5,200-square-foot restaurant was built in 1991 and sits on .8 acres on the west side of Elvis Presley Boulevard south of Bluebird Road. The Shelby County Assessor in 2006 appraised it at $490,100. The restaurant will remain in operation as is, said Todd Morgan, spokesman for Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE). Morgan said EPE saw this as an opportunity to invest near other EPE-owned properties. Last year, CKX announced plans to enhance Graceland visitors' experiences in the Whitehaven area around Graceland, while preserving the integrity of the mansion itself.
MauriceColgan wrote on December 21, 2006
Ok there are billions of Chinese people. "Elvisland" Quarterly is based in Hong Kong. Put two and Chew together and...........:-) Insecure Elvis fans need only consider the ramifications. We oldies have survived Goldmanic, the Judas clones, grotesque jumpsuited impersonators, and the hostile media. As the song goes We will survive. For 50 years or so, we may have slipped, stumbled, and nearly fallen, but we and Elvis's music have weathered the storm and will find a safe haven in 2007. Number 1 please.
JerryNodak wrote on December 21, 2006
Maurice: You've put two and two together and come up with what exactly?? I'm just curious.
MauriceColgan wrote on December 21, 2006
Jerry, Back in September 2000 Maureen and I were lucky to be permitted to sit in on an American senate hearing about trade with China, because we were visitors to Washington DC, and from Irelandtoo. An old and respected Senator From South Carolina made an interesting speech about missing US airforce and Army prisoners of war still missing from the Korean war, but knew he was up against the enormous power of the Chinese market and the marvellous business prospects it held for American investment and products. It doesn't take much imagination to forsee an Elvis CD with a cover depicting him singing to those little chinese girls:-) Are you listening BMG? This may have nothing at all to do with the EPE purchase, but that's the way it is, seen by yours truly. You know how crazy I am:-)
Palle wrote on December 21, 2006
Jerry, he has never been able to hold together a resonable argument; and I don't get what the he** he's writing about here too and in what context to the story, that's propably why he was banned from Elvis-Collectors, where his screen name was MauriceInIreland - strange it wasn't "MauriceInIrelandtoo" or "BeethovenInIrelandtoo"
PTCJones wrote on December 23, 2006
Is this the restaurant right by Heartbreak Hotel? If I remember, it was a bit ropey.