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Another Elvis Landmark Down

December 17, 2006 | Other
Another Elvis mark less on the American map. Workers have demolished the New Haven Coliseum in Connecticut. Elvis performed 3 times at the Coliseum: July 16 and 17, 1975, and July 30th, 1976 for a total of 33.000 fans. The Coliseum was built in 1970 as a Sports center, initially named "Veterans Memorial Coliseum". 36 years later, the Coliseum is no more, although many tried to prevent this 'historic place' from being torn down. There is no Elvis plaque to remember the concerts.
Narek wrote on December 17, 2006
wouldn't call that an Elvis landmark
Ronaldv wrote on December 18, 2006
to ease this pain....release the shows he gave here (in soundboard quality) , please!
stanton wrote on December 18, 2006
Since not even a memory board reminded of Elvis I guess it was just one of a whole bunch of concert halls. Fact is that this compares not a bit to the sadness of a baptist memorial hospital or a lunapark in Memphis, that has been torn down just like an ol`shag, people.
Greg Nolan wrote on December 19, 2006
But piece-by-piece, it is kind of sad to see mundane but functional arenas and stadiums barely 30 years old get the wrecking ball, even outside of concerns for Elvis. It's a very American-phenomenon that has only accelerated. We lose our history that way. It's the same ethos that knocked down more substantial buildings from the 19th and early 20th century...It's why so many American cities are ugly today and full of parking lots and ugly modern replacements... I remember when I lived in Binghamton, NY (no "p" in there!) and getting a kick out of being in a place that Elvis had played. If it was any other city (it's very depressed today), it would probably be replaced already. The other major "crime" committed by the wrecking ball to Elvis-oriented places in the last year or so was the destruction of the "other" Nashville studio (not "Studio B") where Elvis recorded some of his earliest RCA work.