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A Song Allegedly Co Written By Elvis For Auction

December 21, 2006 | Other
Songwriter Paul Terry King (co- author of the last known song composed but never released by Elvis) is now auctioning off his copyrighted interest to the song titled, "Just Like Rollin' Up Hill" (registered under Elvis Presley's BMI work number 7600186 on BMI.com).

Elvis Presley and former American Studios songwriter Paul Terry King co- wrote two songs in 1973 and performed them privately - "If I'd Only Bought Her Roses" and "Just Like Rollin' Up Hill."

"If I'd Only Bought Her Roses," US copyright PAu-1810-413, was purchased by Elvis-A-Rama in 2005. Elvis-A-Rama was planning an Elvis impersonation contest with the winning contestant singing "If I'd Only Bought Her Roses."

The song (along with remaining assets of Elvis-A-Rama) were purchased by billionaire Robert Sillerman's company CKX in 2005 for an undisclosed amount prior to release.

Sillerman purchased an 80% stake in Graceland in 2004 and last year acquired the hit show American Idol. To date Sillerman has let Elvis Presley's last known song, "Just Like Rollin' Up Hill," slip through the cracks. You can hear it on http://www.ElvisSong.info.

So, devoted fans, music enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and/or entertainers can now bid and get copyright and performance rights to one of the most prized possessions of the King himself, his music.

"It's Now or Never!": Sillerman is acquiring everything Elvis. This opportunity will never be available to the public again.

The song will be available to the public for auction on eBay Jan. 19th, 2007. Bid opens at $10,000 at 5 PM PST. To listen to song, press inquiries, etc., go to http://www.ElvisSong.info or contact eBay powerseller Mike Waters at 801-628-5323.
Steve V wrote on December 21, 2006
The last song Elvis ever wrote? Elvis never wrote a song save for contributuing a title or a line here or there. You'll Be Gone is the most he ever contributed and that was back in 1962 with his buddies. I doubt he was writing songs in 1973. Dont believe this.
JimmyCool wrote on December 21, 2006
A homeless person trying to make money on Elvis... again! I don't think Elvis sat with this man, drinking wine and writing a couple songs. But I think we'll have to get used to see a lot of thinks like this comin' out this year. Remember the "mystery tape" of Elvis rehearsing early this year? Maybe Sillyman... I mean, Sillerman would buy that too!
Jth wrote on December 22, 2006
I asked Marty Lacker about this and he says this never happened; no wonder since no one has ever heard about this before
Colonel wrote on December 22, 2006
If Elvis really co-wrote that song (which of course might be the case), he's done good with not releasing it. That one is terrible...
lazlotlomax@yahoo.co wrote on December 23, 2006
I'm not sure I agree with all of the assesments made by the other members. I was going through that site and their is a ton of corroborative evidence supporting the claim. The 2 biggest pieces of evidence I would say is that 1. The song is regsitered with BMI under elvis name and has been that way for years and years, and 2. The fact that the site owners are currently paying royalty to the Elvis Estate for using the song that they sold a couple of years ago. I also verified that e.p.e currently does actually own the roses song and they did buy it and the Elvis A Rama museum for an undisclosed chunk of cash. Why wouldn't e.p.e. upon buying this song at least make some kind of statement if it wasnt true? If you had just bought a phony elvis song and you were a billionaire wouldn't you sue? As far as Mr Lacker is concerned he has repeatedly refused to openly debate Mr King in an open forum !!!! Why is he refusing that if hes not 100% convinced he speaks the truth. It sounds like he is more interested in his reputation than the truth in my opinion.
Palle wrote on December 23, 2006
You mean groups.google.com/group/alt.elvis.king isn't an open enough forum for you?? And of course Marty Lacker remembers things differently from the next Memphis mafia member - but that is of course just the way life is with everyone --- and I think Paul Terry King is lying
Jerome wrote on December 25, 2006
I just listened to it, don't know why I went through all that trouble..., but'just rolling up hill' hasn't the style of Elvis in 1973 and if Elvis DID co-write this song, it's still a lousy song
tk10 wrote on July 21, 2007
have you all heard eta william riopelle sing it on paulterryking.com? see if it is still there and what you think of his version? ptk