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The King's Crown

December 13, 2006 | Other
Everything Elvis ends up on the auction block. This time a model of Elvis Presley's teeth and porcelain crown are to be auctioned by former Memphis dentist's family on e-Bay, beginning January 8, 2007.

Memphis, Tennessee - The family of former Memphis dentist Dr. Henry Weiss will put a model of Elvis Presley's teeth and a crown made for the star, still revered by millions around the world, up for auction on e-Bay beginning January 8, 2007 - the date of what would have been Presley's 72nd birthday. Presley died unexpectedly on August 16, 1977. Weiss was Presley's dentist through 1971. He affectionately called the crown the "King's Crown." The model and crown will be accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity signed by Joe Esposito, Presley's Road Manager from 1960 until his death in 1977. The Weiss Family will put the item up for auction.

In his letter, Esposito states, "On several occasions we went to Elvis' dentist, Dr. Henry Weiss, whose offices were located in the 430 Dermon Building in downtown Memphis. He did any and all dental work including the preparation of a porcelain crown for Elvis' front tooth. Dr. Weiss always kept an extra crown on the model of Elvis Presley's teeth in the event that he might chip or crack his crown. In February of 1971, Elvis cracked his crown on a microphone while performing at the International Hotel, currently known as the Hilton Hotel - Las Vegas. Dr. Weiss' son, S. Lewis Weiss, flew a replacement crown to Las Vegas."

Esposito's letter goes on to authenticate and certify that Dr. Henry Weiss was Presley's dentist through 1971 and that members of the Weiss family are, in fact, in possession of the model of Presley's teeth and the porcelain "King's Crown." Esposito was a member of the so-called "Memphis Mafia" - the nickname of a group of Elvis' friends and employees.

Dr. Henry Weiss was born on Christmas day, 1907 and died December 11, 1990. He graduated from the University Of Tennessee College Of Dentistry with a DDS Degree in 1931. He practiced dentistry in Memphis for 57 years and was a recipient of the Tennessee Dental Association's Fellowship Award.
Source:The United Elvis Presley Society
bray1977 wrote on December 13, 2006
Words fail me. This is without doubt the living end when it comes to Elvis related junk. Can Lisa-marie not put a stop to this? What next? Will they dig up the body and sell the bones? And esposito ought to be ashamed of himself. I had a lot of time for him until i logged on this morning and read this rubbish.
MR61 wrote on December 13, 2006
Wonder how much Joe got paid for this crap. He still making a buck out of Elvis any body know has he ever had a proper job since meeting Elvis. And that goes to alot of them too
MR61 wrote on December 13, 2006
Is it a front or back tooth the price the NHS charges this day and age it might be cheaper to buy this one (only a joke)
PTCJones wrote on December 14, 2006
I wonder how long it will be before we see discarded tissues on auction.
Devon wrote on December 14, 2006
Just when i think i have heard it all this comes along, Please this has got to stop. Elvis loved to give things away but even this would make him sick.
JimmyCool wrote on December 14, 2006
At least it's not toilet paper (I hope I didn't give an idea...)
JimmyCool wrote on December 14, 2006
..Or the King's Throne :O
Mystery Rider wrote on December 14, 2006
i'm sick of all this, i wonder has the seat from the "throne" on the second floor of the palace and when they are going to sell it there is so much junk out there, does it really matter. Joe esposito needs to sign a letter to authenticate that Herr Weiss was elvis' dentist, who cares and besides does anyone out there know of anyone who is not trying to make a buck off of elvis. if elvis owned it some jerk wants it.
Mystery Rider wrote on December 14, 2006
to jimmy cool, yeah dont be suprised if toilet paper turns up, but who's gonna sign off on the DNA? of course joe esposito or maybe george klein likely candidates for stool samples
Elvisy wrote on December 17, 2006
To be a little honest I would'nt mind buying even the toilet paper(of Elvis') tho unused!Seriously,I think all just want to make a fast buck selling anything they can get a hold of. As for joe esposito, we all know he made his bucks even when Elvis' was alive playing games with colonel parker so whats new. Hes a nice enough guy but no one can be as faithful like the late Charlie Hodge( may his soul rest in peace) I wonder if Charlie would have done what Joe is doing. I think not! I do remember tho that Pricilla having seen what someone had once sold did remark"hey why did'nt I think of that!" So....