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Sheila Ryan On Entertainment Tonight

December 10, 2006 | Book
Sheila Ryan Caan breaks her silence about her relationship with Elvis Presley in a new book. Her interview on Entertainment Tonight/The Insider airs Friday. Sheila Ryan Caan, the most silent of Elvis' lovers to date, has written a new book on her relationship with Elvis and the three years she was the constant companion of the "King." The first national interview with Sheila aired on Entertainment Tonight on Friday, December 8, 2006.

The book promises a whole new take on the public's general perception of Elvis and his so-called Memphis Mafia and personal details abound. The story begins when the 20 year-old runaway is plucked out of the Las Vegas concert audience by one of Elvis' minions and brought backstage. After a little innocent flirting Ryan went home, only to be summoned back to Elvis' presence as soon as she answered the phone. She never went back to her apartment again.

Sheila Ryan Caan was subsequently married to James Caan and is the mother of actor Scott Caan.
Sylvain wrote on December 10, 2006
Who needs money ?
byebye wrote on December 10, 2006
The most silent of Elvis' women, is without any contest Ann Margret.
PaulFromFrance wrote on December 10, 2006
Honestly, Ginger Alden has been quite silent until now. Ann-Margret talked about her relationship with Elvis in her book, but in a very classy way.
MR61 wrote on December 10, 2006
Whats ginger got to do with it. She should write a book and tell the truth about the night of 15th/morning 16th never this twaddle from sheila. Come up here Sheila so I can sing to you then in aprox 35 years you can tell the world about it.
stanton wrote on December 10, 2006
A lady don`t talk about these things anyways; she quietly enjoys .... but it would amaze the world, if "Playboy Bunny" Sheila would have been a lady, I guess. It is just an awful shame that she must have had a blackout for almost 35 years. Might be Alzheimer - or a hole in the wallet? Hm, you`ll never know.
byebye wrote on December 10, 2006
Ann Margret has not revealed any details about her relationship with Elvis in her own memoirs. She has basically never even confirmed what kind of relationship they had. She´s got a rare dignity, and deserves respect and credit for that I believe. She´s the real deal, and it´s a shame that she and Elvis not were able to get back to each other later on since she was married in "67. Elvis continued to send her flowers for every opening she had in Vegas until the day he died. She was at Graceland at his funeral.
randelvis wrote on December 11, 2006
to me i think shela is sadend by the fact she got dumpted by elvis and this is why she backs up the cokecain stories i think this book will be a bitter get back one just like sonnys and red book and publishers wont publish any books with oput some kind of durt and dont worrie ann margtot and ginger arent dead yet and will more than likley follow suit as the name elvis makes tuns of money just suprized elvis barbor hasent wrot a book of maybe its on the way?
see see rider wrote on December 12, 2006
It's ironic that Sheila would break her silence about the time that her ex-husband James Caan and the rest of the cast from the new show "Las Vegas", is doing an up coming Christmas episode on December 15th which in fact, is based on none other than..Elvis Presley.
Elvisy wrote on December 17, 2006
My deepest respect to Ann-Margret for her respect for Elvis and the relationship they shared. All in all I think she is a great and dignified lady. The love must have been deep and a caring one. If you noticed she is still married to the same man she professed to love.That should speaks volummes of the person she is! The attraction Elvis had for Ann was something of a puzzle for me .They are so similar! Now as for Sheila Ryan, so what if she writes a book? Did'nt everyone do so? Atleast we will get some fresh news even if it is a little jaded here and there!! As for ginger I think she is quiet since she does'nt want to upset her husband. I must admit tho I did ask myself many times why did'nt she. Hmm maybe she will one day!
stanton wrote on December 20, 2006
Ginger will always stand under the dark shadow of blame and is considered sort of guilty for she has been the one next and around on that terrible 16th of august ... so I think she will very well think things over before putting a word on paper for the world to read it. Perhaps it is bright not to, even though me just like many other fans would like to hear the truth going on in the second floor in Graceland Mansion on that certain horrible day. But I don`t think she`ll ever spitt it out.
stanton wrote on December 22, 2006
Yes, June. His voice was so beautiful so the world still hears it; and his love he gave was so big that the world still feels it. And his heart was so generous, he always had a way to forgive; so therefore I guess we should learn from him and try to forgive these pittyful things that need to increase their financial income and temporarily popularity by putting out tabloid press literature. Merry x-mas and TCE forever
boris wrote on January 01, 2007
I'm kinda shocked to read some of your comments guys... Do you really think someone who spent almost 2 years around a man like Elvis could tell the story of her life and not mention it? I mean let's take a look at the picture : what was bigger and hotter than Elvis back in early '74 in US or in the world? Sheila is a fine and decent girl and her life was never the same after she met Elvis... She's been living with this for so long don't you think she has the right to tell about her feelings, the way it changed her life, the doubts, the betrayals, her love and why she left? Do you think biographers are the only ones allowed to write about it not knowing what happened? All Elvis fans know how much Sheila meant to Elvis... Only she didn't know... She was in her twenties. How many other girls did Elvis beg to come back months or years after they split knowing they're dating someone else? He did with Priscilla, he did with Anita, June and Ann Margret... How many others? Basically Sheila is not writing a book about Elvis she just tells the story of her life just like Ann Margret did... And along the way she met someone we keep on loving 30 years after he passed away... I can't wait to read this book and I'm pretty confident we'll get something different for once...