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The Essential Elvis Presley

December 04, 2006 | Music
Here is the cover art of the upcoming Sony BMG release "The Essential Elvis Presley" which is due for release early 2007.

Track Listing:

CD1 - That's All Right, Baby, Let's Play House, Mystery Train, Heartbreak Hotel, I Was The One, Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, Don't Be Cruel, Love Me Tender, All Shook Up, Peace In The Valley, Jailhouse Rock, Trouble, Fever, It's Now Or Never, Reconsider Baby, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Little Sister, Follow That Dream, Can't Help Falling In Love.

CD2 - Return To Sender, Devil In Disguise, Bossa Nova Baby, Viva Las Vegas, Big Boss Man, A Little Less Conversation, If I Can Dream, Memories, In The Ghetto, Suspicious Minds, Don't Cry Daddy, Kentucky Rain, Polk Salad Annie, The Wonder Of You, I Just Can't Help Believin', Burning Love, Always On My Mind, Steamroller Blues, Hurt, Moody Blue.
Source:Elvis Australia

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Pedro Nuno wrote on December 04, 2006
I'm not from Australia, but as an Elvis Fan, i wonder who will buy this cd? Not even the Joe Public! Why Sony/BMG keeps treating Elvis catalog this way? We have already fine "best of" and "essentials"! Since the 30 #1 and 2To None, we don't need this stuff! If someone wants Elvis essentials just buy those records!
bajo wrote on December 04, 2006
This shows what an impossible task it is to make an Essential Elvis collection over 2 discs only. For that matter one could easily have revamped, repacked and remastered Artist Of The Century under this title. The tracks followed are imo also Essential Elvis and could easily have been chosen also. 1.Trying To Get To You 2. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 3. Love Me 4. King Creole 5. Don’t 6. One Night 7. A Big Hunk O’ Love 8. Such A Night 9. His Latest Flame 10. Crying In The Chapel 11. Love Letters 12. Guitar Man/What’d I Say orig) 13. Tiger Man 14. Clean Up Your Own Back Yard 15. I’m Leaving 16. An American Trilogy 17. Promised Land 18. For The Heart 19. Way Down 20. My Way
Mystery Rider wrote on December 04, 2006
This only essential to some one who thinks its essential otherwise it belongs in the recyling bin .
Colonel wrote on December 04, 2006
I'd love to have a compilation with only the original tracks, unlike everytime Ernts Jorgensen uses an alternative evrsion of "A big hunk o' love" or some others. Would love to hear all the original versions and mixes on two CDs. But I guess I'll have to dream on. Oh and is ALLC the remix or the original version on this cd?
Lex wrote on December 04, 2006
Obviously these releases brings enough profit... otherwise Sony BMG wouldn't release them over and over again.
dannyboy1 wrote on December 05, 2006
I understand people's frustration with the repetition, but a lot of other artists have been covered in these 2-CD "Essential" releases, so it's only fair that Elvis have one too. And people will buy them. I was in a CD shop a year or two ago when a guy walked in looking to buy any Elvis CD that had "Viva Las Vegas" on it. The store didn't have one on the shelf so he walked out again.
Steve V wrote on December 05, 2006
Agreed. Many compilations are uneeded. This one however fits because so many other artists have an 'essential' release. Elvis needed to be there as well. Nice track listing for the buyer who wants a bit of it all.
Keriaboo wrote on December 05, 2006
Please, please please tell me this is NOT the "Big" release from BMG for 2007? How many Elvis compilations do we need? I accept that other artists have an "Essential" CD out - however, they have not had so many compilations released over the last 4 years - 30 No.1 hits, 2nd to None, Hitstory, Love, Elvis, Elvis By The Presley's, The Christmas Album. ENOUGH ALREADY!! Boring, Boring Boring!! Where is the imagination at BMG? We had a superb remix of Burning Love for Honda this year and did they have the forsight to release it as a single? Nope. The fans have been begging for a remix album, have we got one? Nope. We have been crying out for an On Tour deluxe box set, do we have one? Nope. We have pleaded for a definative CBS In Concert DVD, do we have one? Nope. They give us yet another version of Aloha From Hawaii (Oh Yipee) and another compilation CD with the same songs again, (exactly why is Follow That Dream included?). It is just simply an awful way to treat the fans. I for one will not be buying any more Elvis releases unless they show a bit of imagination. Utter rubbish BMG.
Steve V wrote on December 05, 2006
I think the simple (and only) reason these compiliation cds keep coming out is money. They are probably the only Elvis cd releases that turn a profit for BMG. Elvis was primarily a singles artist so they keep compiling his singles onto new comps. This leaves FTD to release his albums in the classic album series. If you read some of my other blogs, I am not a fan of this series as it prohibits the general public from having access to some great Elvis albums. But since FTD found a way to make Elvis fans pay a big price for the original albums, thats the way they are marketing them. As I said, I dont think the regular albums would turn a profit in the 'normal' catalog. I have no proof, just my opionion.
FJE wrote on December 05, 2006
I have the Bob Dylan (2-CD) and Bruce Springsteen (3-CD) releases in this series both of which included never-before-released tracks on them and was the reason of my purchasing them, since I already have almost all of these 2 artists' musical catalogue. And if Springsteen merited a 3-CD set I feel Elvis should have a 4-CD one. Not that I will buy it anyway, unless it includes previously unreleased material.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 05, 2006
Steve the funny part of the classic series you mentioned is that it seems most fans like buying what they already have. elvis is known as a singles artist because he will always be marketed that way!
Dixieland Rock wrote on December 06, 2006
For once I'd like to see an album that doesn't have "Are You Lonesome Tonight", "Can't Help Falling In Love", "In The Ghetto" & "If I Can Dream". I hit the skip button on those nearly everytime. I do like those songs. But to have them on nearly every release is overkill. To me songs like "I Gotta Know", "Patch It Up", "Blue Suede Shoes" from GI Blues is much better than these. I think there are so many songs that are unrated that rarely get exposure. As much as I like "Jailhouse Rock", I get tired of seeing it appear on nearly every release. I believe the general public are capable and able to handle under rated songs on compilations. Songs like "For The Heart", "I Want You With Me" & "Witchcraft" are virtually forgotten gems. How about giving songs like "Are You Lonesome Tonight" & "Always On My Mind" a rest for several years on these compilations and make room for other forgotten gems.
Steve V wrote on December 06, 2006
mature_elvis - I think Elvis is known more as a singles artist because thats where his greatest success was. Lets face it, he didnt exactly make great albums except for a handful. In my opinion only the first 2 LPs, Elvis IS Back, From Elvis in Memphis, ELvis Country and the gospel LPs as really stand-out albums. I dont count soundtracks & TV specials, and the other studio albums were not up to the quality of these. In fact when surveys are done on the greatest albums of all time, his Sun collection always comes up as his highest and that was a compilation! Not exactly an endoresment for releasing his LP catalog.
Greg Nolan wrote on December 12, 2006
Is this topic locked? It's the 2nd time I've lost my response.
Greg Nolan wrote on December 12, 2006
I can only accept this release in the greater context of the Sony's "Legacy" series that features big acts like Louis Armstrong, Sinatra, Dylan, etc. But Steve V., I have to disagree with your take on Elvis' albums. They all sold very well and some critics have come to be *much* kinder to them. I especially don't agree with your presumptuous statement:"Lets face it, he didnt exactly make great albums except for a handful." Says who? You cite some of his finer works, but plenty of his albums have merit and it's artificial to rule out TV specials and arguably even soundtracks. Hell, "Blue Hawaii" was one of the best-selling Lps of the early '60s and, yes ,the music had something to do with it, too. In fact, take a look at those original albums again sometime. I personally think they only get better with time. Yes, I'll also add in "Loving You," "King Creole," "Something For Everybody," "Today," "On Stage," and even some Camden budget albums like "Almost In Love," and "Let's Be Friends" found some fans over the years. Really, I think most of Elvis' catalog stands up very well, save for a few dogs here and there. Why the self-hatred when faced with the work of the Beatles, or Bob Dylan, etc?No matter the format, and I agree did spectacular as a singles artists, but his albums also did extremely well in terms of sales. If some smug rock critics think they aren't "artistic" enough, well, I can't say it here....!