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December 09, 2006 | Other
Elvis impersonators gained a lot of attention lately, especially after the implicit "approval" of their existence with the quest for the ultimate impersonator supported by Elvis Presley Enterprises. Therefor we asked you: "ElvisNews should ignore all news about impersonators". The result is that we will have to disappoint 19% of our readers who want to see impostor updates on our site ... there won't be any, due to the support of the remaining 81 percent of our visitors. All you may see is the occasional "Stop impersonators" banner :-)

For our next poll we want your opinion an the flood of low quality import re-releases with previously released material. Titles like "A Holy Rockin' Christmas", "Tiger Man 5", the 10 CD box "500 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong" or the reissue of ELvis first bootleg L.P. "Please Release Me". And then we're not even counting the reissues of Elvis copyright free material in Europe, the quality imports or the BMG reissues which flood the Elvis CD market at this moment.

Our poll this week: "Too many low quality import releases see the light of day".
byebye wrote on December 09, 2006
Following the tradition of bold QuickPolls, I will not be suprised if the next one is "Was Elvis a good person, and the Colonel an evil one?".
MarkE wrote on December 09, 2006
good news, impersonaters do nothing but ruin the image of Elvis for todays youngsters, totall a bad thing, the trouble is....the damage is already done :-(
PaulFromFrance wrote on December 10, 2006
I'm not sure what I have to think about this question. On one hand, I don't care about copyright free material in Europe. It's not so bad. On the other hand, I don't like all these audience recordings that surface too often. For me, this is the very worst of all these releases. For the import re-releases... fans must know what they have to do. If they don't have the original releases, why not ? So... well... I'll pass this poll. :-)
PaulFromFrance wrote on December 10, 2006
I forgot to talk about this impersonator thing (I allways try to forget unpleasant things). I'm not sure you're right about banning the news about these idiots. Why ? Because it's fun to disagree with morons who support them. ;-)
Jimmy Boy wrote on December 10, 2006
Lol....Nice one Jesper!
Sylvain wrote on December 11, 2006
This is Elvis his opinion. 5th May 1976 10pm show Elvis invites an impersonator (Douglas Roy)that was in the audience to sing hound dog with him. Elvis even stuck his hand out to help Doug up to the stage
MarkE wrote on December 11, 2006
yeh but at the time Elvis was still alive, no one cared about impersonaters, it was only after he died they kinda 'took over' and become the image of how Elvis was. If Elvis knew that after he died his image would become a laughing stock with the kids of today, he would have karate kicked Douglas Roy back off stage
Sylvain wrote on December 12, 2006
MarkE: Not Douglas Roy but mayby 99 % of these guys.
Roy M wrote on December 12, 2006
Good on you Elvis news! As many have said the only good impersonator is a dead one!
pacer1965 wrote on December 16, 2006
Thanks ElvisNews.About the ETA's.It is nice to know that someone listens to some of us Elvis fans