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Elvis Matters #15

November 28, 2006 | Other
The Christmas edition of Elvis Matters, volume 15, has been released. This edition contains several unseen pictures, including Elvis as "pin-up". Besides this the magazine contains news, reviews and a lot of information on recent and upcoming events (including an interview with Keith Alverson).

For more details on the magazine and subscriptions visit our magazine section.

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GirlHappy wrote on November 29, 2006
Just got the new fanmagazine today and have red it in one go!!! It is absolutely superb, full of inside info and wonderful photos & great articles! Nice to read about the great concerts that EM has givin' in september & october. It brought back fond memories. Sure made me feel all Xmassy this EM#15!! 2006 Still has a lot to offer from EM but will be exciting to see what they will give us in 2007!!
vulcandude wrote on November 30, 2006
I gotta have this! Where can I get it?
GirlHappy wrote on November 30, 2006
Hi Vulcandude, just check the site of ElvisMatters to join the club! All you need to know to get these wonderful magazines is on their site!!