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Elvis In Top 100 Influential People

November 28, 2006 | People
As this year's lists begin to roll in, Elvis Presley is ranked at #66 in shaping America, as compiled by the Atlantic Monthly magazine. For a feature article entitled "They Made America," the Atlantic asked four prominent American historians to list and rank the most important people who shaped the nation. Elvis is bested on the list by other Southerners, such as William Faulkner at #60, and he beats out others like Sam Walton at #72.

Topping the list is Abraham Lincoln, for preserving the Union, followed by George Washington, for shaping the country and declining to become a king. Besides politicians, the list includes business people who changed the world, such as Henry Ford, who gave us the assembly line, at #14, and Cyrus McCormick (#73), whose mechanical reaper industrialized agriculture.

The list includes a brief description of each person, such as the one for Elvis: "The king of rock and roll. Enough said."

To see the entire list, visit: www.theatlantic.com/doc/200612/influentials
Source:Elvis Information Network
MauriceColgan wrote on November 28, 2006
It's nice to see Elvis in such illustrious company. Ignoring the less noble on the list, of course. I have just come home with the Ed Sullivan DVD set so we are quite happy with the recent Elvis releases and other good Elvisnews, even here in Irelandtoo. By the way, one can leave a comment for the editors of "The Atlantic" on the magazines website. Rest assured I have:-)
Mark S. wrote on November 28, 2006
The list says: "66 Elvis Presley, The king of rock and roll. Enough said." That's RIGHT! Hail to The King, baby!
byebye wrote on November 28, 2006
I cant help to smile whenever I see "our man" on lists like these even though I know it´s kind of childish. But this list is perhaps the most important one I´ve seen in a long time, since it covers historical value as a person for an entire nation like America. And by just saying "the king of Rock´n roll- Enough said", proves without a doubt that he is the #1 most important artist that ever lived in the USA (and also the rest of the world in my opinion). No other artist is before him on this list.
Devon wrote on December 23, 2006
Elvis is, was, and will always be THE KING!!!!