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Christmas At Graceland Commercial

December 01, 2006 | Other
Via Youtube can you now see the latest commercial for Graceland.
Source:Elvis Unlimited
elvis-finland wrote on December 01, 2006
Yep, this AD sucks! Stupid impersonator in it. Well, at least the Real King is in the end of commercial. Is this even real commercial?
JK wrote on December 01, 2006
Totally agree with that, movieguide. Hopefully this isn't the beginning of the end. Is this the first sign of making Graceland a commercial circus/themepark, where we were all afraid of when it was sold to some business man of wich I can't remember his name.....?
Jacquie Ulmo wrote on December 01, 2006
I really hate this Ad and it made me sick to my stomach!!! Graceland is not a Circus and Elvis is far away of being a clown!
Mielvis wrote on December 02, 2006
There is one positive in all this....Elvis as icon is right up there with Santa Claus. Pretty lofty company.....we all know Elvis is worthy.
Devon wrote on December 02, 2006
So sad that they would use Graceland like this,Elvis would not be happy. Xmas ment so much to him and his family when they were all there,not like this. very sad.
JerryNodak wrote on December 02, 2006
Some of you really must stop going ballistic about every little thing where Elvis (or his image) are concerned. It's not good for your blood pressure. Try developing a sense of humor. I like the commercial.
Greg Nolan wrote on December 02, 2006
I know what you mean, Jerry but they have a point, too. Granted, Mr. Sillerman (that's his name) did promise to goose up the flagging attendence of Graceland, and so we are seeing the "fruit" of this effort, for better or worse. There's no denying there's an aging fan base for an artist dead nearly 30 years and this is the sort of hijinks they feel they need to resort to. The truth of the matter, perhaps, is that it's part of the bargain if we want to see Graceland stay open or at least remain an attraction, or so goes the argument. Personally, I've always thought it's basically a museum in the home of a beloved, late legend and by definition, it's not a "fun" place for non-fans unless they actually are into him already. What's painful about this commercial is the degree to which they are clearly trying to imply that there is generic "fun" to be had at the former home of a dead legendary singer. It's not a theme park, but they are implying it's like one. But that's on the way, right? And yes, we do see them buying into the tackiness of impersonators, all done with a wink. Within reason, I'm almost okay with this but it's a slippery slope. Tacky, indeed. Necessary? I wonder.
Dixieland Rock wrote on December 03, 2006
Too corny. Yuck. It sounds nearly hip hop, again yuck.
Dixieland Rock wrote on December 03, 2006
Seeing this corny clip makes "Song of the Shrimp" & "He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad" begin to look good.
Steve V wrote on December 04, 2006
Man I was afraid to click the button. I agree with Jerry. Its not that bad and its kinda funny. We have to face reality. Anyone under 30 wasnt even around when Elvis was alive. We are used to the old days. Those days are gone forever. Whatever it takes (in good fun) to garner interest is gonna be needed. It surely wont come from the way they are screwing up the RCA catalog. Maybe this type of stuff works?
Elvis Now Magazine wrote on December 05, 2006
This is Gross and if this is setting the standard of EPE embracing impersonators, this will be the beginning of the end of the respect for Elvis we have managed to regain from the media and the general public.
memphisblues wrote on December 05, 2006
Man !!! if i said what i really thought of this, the report abuse button would blow up, best bit was The End
memphisflash wrote on December 07, 2006
Listen.....can you hear that rumbling noise?.........it's Elvis turning in his grave!