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December 02, 2006 | Book
The book "The Elvis I Remember" is due from Beth Machurek. The pr for this book is interesting:

As a freelance entertainment reporter in Memphis I was one of the first asked to read “The Elvis I Remember”, before it was made public. By the 6th chapter I could tell the author poured her heart out in telling her story about Elvis. After reading the story I could not decide whether the story was true or not. So I went to those who knew Elvis best, his former associates and family members. When asked about the authenticity of what was written, most changed the subject the moment I mentioned the author’s name. Not because they thought it was just another book written by some obsessive fan, but because they were hiding something. If you want to know more about what has been written in this romantic insight to possibly one of Elvis’s greatest love affairs, then you are going to have to read it yourself.

Announced is a new book "Church of E". This 47 page book by Scott Linker is available in softcover format or or as an online download.

"Elvis In the Beat of the Night - True Stories of Elvis and his Police Buddies" delayed yet again: Publication of this book by Sun International in Memphis has been postponed for the third time. Originally announced for release in August 2006 the new street date is later this month.

"In The Kingdom of Elvis; The Elviite Chronicles" is a science fiction novel by Phil Emberton. Released in the US by Lulu.com last month, the 472 page book appears to be the full three volume trilogy of the author's work. In 2005 the first volume was published as "In The Kingdom of Elvis; In the City of the Prince with No Name" with the remaining two volumes announced for publication this year.
Source:Elvis Information Network