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The Private Tapes 1974 - 1977

November 19, 2006 | Video
Released earlier this year is a DVD entitled "The Private Tapes 1974 - 1977". This set comes as a three panel fold out.


This appears to be a copy of the "Time Warp" import DVD which was released 3 years ago. That release featured 6 concerts performed between 1974 and 1977.

Omaha 1/7/74
Las Vegas 19/8/74
Las Vegas 18/8/75
Las Vegas 19/8/75
Pittsburgh 31/12/76
Kansas City 18/6/77
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Santa Claus wrote on November 20, 2006
Hey editors of this site: What good is this news? No track-listing, no nothing. I you don't know something, don't write something. By the way: I'm an Elvis insider and I know BMG will release another Elvis CD in 2007.
Johnny B. wrote on November 20, 2006
it´s a copy of the memory-dvd time warp from the label wonderland records (WLR)
Tony C wrote on November 20, 2006
Hey, don't knock the editors for the lack of details on this release. They give us details when available. Your comments could apply to your own insider news. You deem it important to tell us that BMG will release a CD in 2007, which is hardly a surprise, but give no track listing.
MR61 wrote on November 20, 2006
Go on then santa whats this dc then and whats on it and bwhile where at it whats on this one the turkish hackers might know?
MR61 wrote on November 20, 2006
sorry i meant cd and mean- while butter fingers today sorry
SuziB wrote on November 20, 2006
I think Santa was being sarcastic guys!!
Santa Claus wrote on November 20, 2006
Thank you SuziB. I was hoping somebody out there would think about the sense of my writing. And if you like it or not guys. Senseless news like this one here pop up often on this site. They take you nowhere. To top it all they posted the cover so small that even the cover-info can't give you any hint of what this post is all about. All you guys out there should think about constructive critic before you write replies to my posts. After reading this news I don't know what this it, where it springs from, where I can get it, what's on it. Do I need it? Do I have the material elsewhere? All you smart guys seem to be able to get all this info by reading between the lines. I can't. And looking at the the all those replies I'm the only one. Sorry for that.