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The '56 Sessions, Volume 1

November 14, 2006 | Music
Due for release on CD is an upgraded version of the original 1978 album "The '56 Sessions" volume 1. It includes:

- 8 bonus songs;
- 5 introductions of the original master recordings;
- original album artwork and liner notes;
- original masters are remixed / remastered;
- including 3 official previously unreleased versions.

Track listing:

1. Introduction / I Got A Woman 2. Introduction / Heartbreak Hotel 3. Money Honey 4. I’m Counting On You 5. I Was The One (overdubbed live recording) 6. Introduction / Blue Suede Shoes 7. My Baby Left Me (longer version) 8. One-Sided love Affair (with countdown) 9. 1956 Elvis Show Radio Promo 10. So Glad You’re Mine 11. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You 12. Introduction / Tutti Frutti 13. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 14. Shake, Rattle And Roll 15. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 16. Hound Dog (overdubbed live recording) 17. Introduction / Don’t Be Cruel 18. I Was The One 19. Introduction / Hound Dog 20. Blue Suede Shoes (overdubbed live recording) 21. Money Honey (overdubbed live recording) 22. I Got A Woman (overdubbed live recording) 23. I Was The One (live recording # 2) 24. Hound Dog (live recording # 2)
Source:Elvis For Everyone Fan Club
Tony D. wrote on November 14, 2006
This must surely be a bootleg cash-in. Can anyone say what the supposed unreleased versions are? This doesn't include anything that's overdubbed!
Lou A wrote on November 15, 2006
I'll bet this is one of those CD's that are made possible by the copyright laws in Europe whereby anything 50 years old is fair game. If so, this will be sold in stores right next to BMG/ Sony's product. Ironic that this would be a reissue of an excellant RCA package from the 70's , that BMG never got around to reissuing.
Lex wrote on November 15, 2006
Since we have the marvelous Elvis 56 by BMG on CD we don't need this cheap cash ins. Another chapter in "how to rip a fan off". If there is any connection to the source of the news I am not surprised.
Stan27 wrote on November 15, 2006
As I heard this cd is not to be sold in shops and it's only a limited edition of 500 copies. So this cd is probably released for Elvis collectors only and people who like the idea or want the original album on cd. I like the tracklisting and the bonus songs. I also have the original album and it looks great!
MR61 wrote on November 15, 2006
I bought the original lp i think in 1978/79 the linner note say that this record and vol2 was on the cards along time before elvis died. I think it shouldnt be released on cd when there are so many great lps awaiting to be the ftd classic album touch, would love to see rock n roll no 2 and best of elvis done plus all of the 70's albums too. I would presume that this is a bootleg though if it is dont buy itsupport bmg / ftd to release better quality items .
Roy M wrote on November 16, 2006
No new outtakes just some overdubbed nonsense, Why bother?
byebye wrote on November 16, 2006
It would help to know who´s responsible for this release, BMG? Well, from January "07 everything from 1956 becomes public domain. Just like the songs from 1954 became public domain in January 2005. Wich means anyone can release an Elvis record from that period of time, regardless of it´s sound source. Good to keep in mind, especially when you hear talk about "sound upgrade" etc. -It might just be a sound upgrade from a normal redbook cd.(!) If the company behind those releases are eager to chase best quality sounding takes from earlier cd releases, it "might" be something ok anyway. "Lost" and "stolen" tapes are out there so there might be a mix of both on a same release. Problem is that most companies responsible for those releases doesn´t bother, or have the knowhow or money for doing that. BMG knows this, so they want to kill the legal bootlegs with own quality releases like the upcoming sun box for example. Thats why I´d like to know more about this "56 session release...
Mystery Rider wrote on November 16, 2006
Help. more junk the garbage just keeps comming give me something different
Ronaldv wrote on November 16, 2006
not interesting at all, who's waiting for this?