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November 17, 2006 | Other
Eightyone percent of our voting members support the idea behind "Writing For The King". Due to a press release by EPE that poll had a short life time, since there is a more important issue now: "It is good that EPE finally supports impersonators".
Santa Claus wrote on November 17, 2006
This is great news. I prefer watching fat, sweating inpersonators in cheap jumpsuits instead of watching the real Elvis perform great songs in his 77 CBS special. Who wants to see the late Elvis when we can have a similar impersonator? So, put your strength in the support of those guys and Elvis Ornaments EPE. We need this stuff more than a 4 DVD On Tour set or any release of the 30.000 unreleased photos you bought from the Colonel. <ironic off>
jcorley wrote on November 17, 2006
ditto what Santa said. And, I think we know how the new poll will turn out. Maybe 'Tears of a King' star Matt Lewis will be EPE's #1 man, as they have surely lost sight of the real #1 man, many many times.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 17, 2006
Why support impersonators when they cant even support elvis!
byebye wrote on November 17, 2006
Well said Mature.. Problem is that at 01:00 AM some guy steps up on a scene in front of a loaded audience at some bar on a boat somewhere, -and they love it! What do you do?! :) I dont want to be condescending, but it´s the same thing with ABBA impersonators or M. Jackson, they attract funny types of freaks.
JerryNodak wrote on November 17, 2006
Impersonators were around years BEFORE Elvis died. It's NOT a recent trend. They're not going away. Old saying: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. No, they're not Elvis. But I've actually seen several that I thought were quite entertaining. You "FAN"-atics really need to find something new to harp on. You've lost the Elvis impersonater battle.
Lex wrote on November 17, 2006
Jerry, I agree with you. Hunger in Africa will not go away, that's why I don't support all those charities trying to help. Same goes for criminals, they won't go away... so why should we arrest them at all... let them do their thing!
JerryNodak wrote on November 17, 2006
Hardly the same thing, Lex. But, OOOOOOOOOOkay.
Dan The Man wrote on November 17, 2006
I see lex's point, some are very embarrasing, but why kill 'em all, there are some around who are quite good. I think Elvis impersonators are one of the reasons he's still known (god or bad) I've travelled some and there's Elvis tribute shows quite a few places. Elvis impersonnators have been around since the break of dawn and they will cuntinue to do so. I understand EPE's move to join this part of fandom as in they can set a higher standard among impersonators. Call me naive, but I believe and hope that they will set high standards towards who will be in this contest.