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Bicentennial Elvis 2

November 16, 2006 | Video
Due for release is volume 2 in the Bicentennial Elvis series from the Czech Memory Record label. This DVD contains Elvis' performances from December 28, 1976 (Birmingham, 08.30 P.M.) and December 31, 1976 *Pittsburgh, 09.30 P.M.).
Source:Elvis For Everyone Fan Club
Greg Nolan wrote on November 17, 2006
This is going to be a treat! Many of us already have this footage, but in low-fidelity and bad sound. Elvis was firing on all cylinders again in late December of 1976, so this is a must-have, with two of his best concerts ever, by most accounts. Pittsburgh on New Year's Eve alone is worth the price of the disc!
theking100 wrote on November 17, 2006
Yes ! This is a must have , Elvis is really ON , Super Great preformances .
Aron wrote on November 17, 2006
Wow!! What a release, it's a must have: two of Elvis' best concerts, at least in 1976. Hasn't the Pittsburgh Concert been released on the Time Warp DVD already?
jcorley wrote on November 17, 2006
Can someone let me know how the quality was on the first 'Elvis Bicentennial' DVD? I am interested in this release as well, as they both do sound promising. I only own a couple DVDs that have some amateur footage, so my knowledge is quite limited in that area. I just want to make sure the $'s spent will be worthwhile. Thanks in advance.
Shaky wrote on November 19, 2006
I can't imagine this product will enhance the Pittsburgh footage to the degree seen on the STAR 'A New Year for Elvis' DVD which is a joy to behold! STAR have taken all available sources for the footage and created a multi-angle feel to the footage with complete songs and even MY WAY features a retrospective video. The picture has also been colour corrected - which is shown in the A + B test within the menu.
Ronaldv wrote on November 20, 2006
jcorley, the first bicentennial dvd is worthwile. they made the best out of it. don't expect a quality like aloha, but is reasonable. the quality of the 2 shows are not comparable, one show is less. interesting to me, is that you can see drummer larrie londin in the background of the march show. (he died in 1991) it's a rarity to spot him in an elvisshow. if you like 8mm concerts, don't hesitate to buy it, I assume you won't regret it. I can skip bicentennial 2 because I already own the footage. But it is AWESOME!! 2 great shows in elvis career.