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Details His Hand In Mine

November 06, 2006 | Music
On the FECC messageboard the following details were posted on the Follow That Dream release "His Hand In Mine" in the Classic Albums Reissue series. Due for release December 1, 2006. The information has not yet been confirmed.

With the gospel album His Hand In Mine, Follow That Dream Records continues its program of reissuing classic Elvis albums that are no longer part of Sony BMG's mainstream RCA Elvis catalog. All these reissues include the content of the original release plus a great selection of bonus material from the sessions that produced the original albums.

Original release and outtakes

1: His Hand In Mine
2: I'm Gonna Walk Them Golden Stairs
3: In my Father's House
4: Milky White Way
5: Known Only To Him
6: I Believe In The Man In The Sky
7: Joshua Fit The Battle
8: He Knows Just What I Need
9: Swing Down Sweet Chariot
10: Mansion Over The Hilltop
11: If We Never Meet Again
12: Working On The Building
13: Surrender
14: Crying In The Chapel
15: His Hand In Mine (1)
16: I'm Gonna Walk Them Golden Stairs (1)
17: Milky White Way (1*, 2*, 3)
18: Known Only To Him (1, 2)
19: I Believe In The Man In The Sky (1)
20: Joshua Fit The Battle (1)
21: He Knows Just What I Need (1)
22: Mansion Over The Hilltop (2*, 1)
23: If We Never Meet Again (1)
24: Working On The Building (1)
25: Surrender (1)

Previously released and unreleased outtakes

1: Milky White Way (4, 6*, 5)
2: His Hand In Mine (2*, 3*)
3: His Hand In Mine (4)
4: His Hand In Mine (5)
5: I Believe In The Man In The Sky (2*, 3*, 4)
6: He Knows Just What I Need (2*, 3*, 4*)
7: He KNows Just What I Need (5*, 6, 7)
8: He Knows Just What I Need (8*)
9: Surrender (2)
10: Surrender (3*, 5, 6)
11: Surrender (7*)
12: Surrender (8*, 9)
13: Surrender (WP 2/1*, 3, 4*, 5*, 6*, 7*)
14: In my Father's House (1*, 2*, 3*, 4*)
15: In My Father's House (5*, 6*)
16: In my Father's House (7)
17: Joshue Fit The Battle (2)
18: Joshua Fit THe Battle (3*)
19: Swing Down Sweet Chariot (1*)
20: Swing Down Sweet Chariot (2, 3)
21: I'm Gonna Walk Them Golden Stairs (2, 3)
22: I'm Gonna Walk Them Golden Stairs (4*)
23: I'm Gonna Walk Them Golden Stairs (5)
24: Known Only To Him (3*, 4*, 5)
25: Crying In The Chapel (1*)
26: Crying In The Chapel (2, 3(M))
27: Working On The Building (2*)
28: Working On The Building (3*, 4))

* Previously unreleased
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum

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MR61 wrote on November 06, 2006
If this is correct i will be first in line to buy it hope they do he touched me also
MarkE wrote on November 06, 2006
hmmm to me it looks like they have included all the takes? maybe someone who owns the bootlegs will tell me if this is complete
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 06, 2006
Although im not a fan of the classic series,of elvis gospel recordingsthese are my favorite,now has this info been confirmed? you know from ernst not just a poster?
PaulFromFrance wrote on November 07, 2006
As most of the non-Americans fans, I'm not fond of these religious recordings, but Elvis was on the very top in this era. Noone could compete with him. This is our man at his best. Happily, I'm not that good in English and I try not to pay attention to the words. Because how ridiculous can be the christian zealots who wrote this... Anyway, an essential add to this wonderful FTD serie. Now, from the same era, I'm looking forward for "Pot luck".
Rob Wanders wrote on November 07, 2006
looking forward to this one. I'm a bit surprised about "Surrender" on these album. Strange but OK. I like the song.
The Memphis Flash wrote on November 07, 2006
I have to disagree partly with what Paulfromfrance has got to say, as I think that there are a great many people out there that love Elvis' gospel recordings who live outside the USA. It was something that was very close to his heart are they are very beautiful songs. I have been waiting for this one to become available for a long time now and look forward to getting it.
Ton Bruins wrote on November 07, 2006
Absolutely a release for me. I love Elvis' gospels and I like outtakes.
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on November 07, 2006
This message appeared on the official Elvis site. I am forbidden to include a link, so happy searching on the site that starts with elvis and ends with com. If you continue with news and with ftd dot asp, you are close.
MR61 wrote on November 07, 2006
Iam not American I am English and I love gospel music more of this type of release the better. Elvis was at his best when he sang religious songs. Well done FTD. How about a christmas special release like the easter one you have six weeks left to suprise us all (wish full thinking)
panda wrote on November 07, 2006
look forward to this latest ftd release love working on the building
SPK wrote on November 07, 2006
Gospel music - absolutely the best. Bring it on and He Touched Me and How Great Thou Art next... Christmas release also will be a bonus from FTD of both albums with all unreleased goodies.... Keep up the good work FTD.
MarkE wrote on November 07, 2006
wow, it looks like they have including all the takes, somehting complete for once! but where is He Knows Just What I Need - Take 9 ??? hopefully just an error
Matt W wrote on November 07, 2006
PaulFromFrance - to not like religious recordings is fine, to say: "how ridiculous can be the christian zealots who wrote this" is not fine. I am from England, I love Elvis and I love God and I love Elvis religious albums. I don't judge or cast remarks against people who don't have faith so why cast remarks towards those that do? This will be a nice release on FTD. I am critical that Crying In The Chapel and Surrender are on it, both from the session yes but Surrender is not in place with the rest of the album and Crying In The Chapel did not come out as a single until 1965 and featured on the How Great Thou Art album. That is where it should be in my opinion.
Janus wrote on November 08, 2006
I think it is great to hear elvis sing in great voice!! I,m not a believer but i,ve always liked the gospel songs. You know why?? Just because elvis sings it with HIS spirit and soul man!! That,s why!!! Ernst Keep working at that building!!!
whetherman wrote on November 08, 2006
I have always loved this album. Really looking forward to this upgraded 2CD set. It certainly looks like the (almost) complete sessions. I'm glad they've left "Surrender" in, it was part of the session. "Crying in the Chapel" belongs nowhwere else other than here. Thanks Ernst and FTD for this one - I'm gonna love it!
benny scott wrote on November 08, 2006
Great release ! Bull's eye, that's for sure . Thanks Ernst & FTD. Always El
Greg Nolan wrote on November 15, 2006
Well said comment you made there, Matt, toward Paul from France. A lot of secular people around the world have come to have a soft spot for Elvis' gospel music, as well as many church-going but not fanatic members of the Catholic, or Protestant Christian churches. Only a rabid ideological atheist could get upset over "How Great Thou Art" or "His Hand In Mind." And besides, when it comes to true zealotry today, I would look closer to home for religious zealotry, and it's not going to be Christianity anymore in Europe unless things change. There are now 20 million Muslims in the nations of the European Union and more than a few are quite hostile to their new home and the Christian faith and their secular hosts and liberal, democratic societies. With a birthrate higher than the European native-born, by 2050, many fear that Europe will be "Eurabia" if trends continue. Don't scoff: demography is destiny. Enjoy the FTD, people! This is a golden age for Elvis recordings in so many ways.