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Since Cincinnati

November 04, 2006 | Music
Due for release is an new import CD entitled "Since Cincinnati". This CD is actually an upgrade of the original 1990 release with upgraded sound and new artwork and features the before last concert from Elvis on June 25th, 1977. The original CD is one of the rarest import CD out there.


Golden Mile (by J.D. Sumner & the Stamps) / If you don't come back (by J.D. Sumner & the Stamps) / Hot hot Sunday (by The Sweet Inspirations) / If you leave me now (by The Sweet Inspirations) / Also sprach zarathustra / C. C. Rider/ dialogue / I got a woman/ amen / Love me / If you love me let me know / You gave me a mountain / Jailhouse rock / O solo mio/ it's now or never / Little sister / Teddy bear/ don't be cruel / And I love you so / My way / Introductions / Early morning rain / What'd I say / Johnny B. Goode / I really don't want to know / Introductions: Vernon on stage / Unchained melody / Hound dog / Can't help falling in love / Closing Vamp
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Mr. Songman wrote on November 04, 2006
What was wrong with the sound on the original release? Yes, the cover sucked, but the sound was excellent for an audience recording. I'm not fond of spending money on re-releases. However, I always seem to do it anyway (and more than likely will do it on this one as well).
Ronald wrote on November 05, 2006
If it has improved sound they must have cleaned up the old cd source or did they use the original tape? At least here we have the right spelling of Cincinnati the old one was misspelled Cincinatti.
Ronaldv wrote on November 05, 2006
after years and years of searching I found a copy about 2 years ago, so I skip this re release. it remains a fantastic historical concert, not to miss for anyone, in a good sound (for audience recorded)
Ton Bruins wrote on November 15, 2006
re-releases, re-releases, re-releases...pffffff.....