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New Import Label Patches It Up

October 30, 2006 | Music
Music For Fans is the name of a new import label. Their first release will be a "concept album", containing acetates from the June 1970 sessions and (rare) live recordings from 1970 to 1977 (to us this sounds like two concepts). The CD will be delivered with a 16 page booklet.


01. The Fool Acetate
02. Little Cabin On The Hill Acetate
03. Cindy Cindy Acetate
04. Got My Mojo Workin Acetate
05. It’s Your Baby You Rock it Acetate
06. I Didn’t Make it on Playing Guitar Alternate
07. I Really Don’t Want To Know Alternate
08. Faded Love Acetate
09. Tomorrow Never Comes Acetate
10. Make The World go Away Acetate
11. I Washed my Hands in Muddy Words Alternate
12. Patch It Up Acetate
13. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ on Alternate
14. Patch it up 10.08.70 opening night
15. Blue Suede Shoes / Whola Lotta …September 07, 1970 CS
16. Make The World Go Away January 27, 1971
17. Blue Suede Shoes/Whola Lotta… August 30, 1971
18. Faded Love February 15, 1973 DS
19. Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta…Seattle April 29, 1973
20. Faded Love May 13, 1973 3 AM
21. Rock Medley Uniondale June 24, 1973
22. Faded Love Nashville July 1, 1973 AS
23. Faded Love August 7,1973 MS
24. Make The World Go Away August 08, 1973
25. I Really Don’t Want To Know Jacksonville May 30, 1977
26. I Really Don’t want to know Mobile June 02,1977
27. I Really Don’t want to know Indianapolis June 26, 1977

Time 79.00 min.

Tracks 15,17,19,21,24,25,26 unreleased
Ciscoking wrote on October 30, 2006
Are you sure it´s a silver disc..?? I am not...seems like a turkey to me..sorry.
BigRedGG wrote on October 30, 2006
Yes it's a real Factory pressed CD. The "concept" is singular in that the live songs are songs from the Elvis Country album material. Supposedly a lot of work has gone into "often difficult and delicate phase of restoring, remastering, and remixing of the chosen material. The final result is something we hope even Elvis would have enjoyed." I have not heard it yet so cannot comment.
Mathias wrote on October 30, 2006
Hi, looks like nothing new to me! Remixed acetates, well hardly not. The live tracks sounds like, they were taken from audience tape sources. Every single track has been released before, even on some collectors cdr. The artwork, too looks like someone spent too much time with his/her PC! Does not mean that it will be a bad release, but nothing new! Cheers
Ronaldv wrote on October 30, 2006
looks interesting in my first opinion, but let's wait and see
Lex wrote on October 30, 2006
Mathias, to me it looks more like someone spent too little time behind the PC for the cover :-). Don't think I saw a many more amateurish ones before... gives little hope for the booklet, if these 16 pages are like the cover... Something to skip anyway, I'm sure the studio versions I have are more than enough, and the obscure live tracks destroy listening pleasure of the whole.
stanton wrote on October 30, 2006
Sounds and looks good, the cover is interesting and also the songs seem to be a great mixture - I think someone really put feeling and interest in this piece of art. Lookig forwad on it....
elvis77ro wrote on October 30, 2006
Not too many releases had booklets with 16 pages. So, for sure a lot of work was done for it. I heard also it is a real cd, not cdr or poor mp3 sources... I'm sure the design will be great, and the concept with country songs and same songs sang live, as live years pages.. TCB
Danny Fisher wrote on October 31, 2006
Is this out? Could someone give a review?
Renan Augusto wrote on October 31, 2006
If the live tracks were all soundboard recording I would surely buy it. :) But it is not. Or a surprise??
Greg Nolan wrote on November 02, 2006
I like aspects of this album and some of the effort, but share some of the initial skepticism of others here. Where have these acetates been heard? I know I have a few on import already. Even with repetition, I"m not against creative or conceptual repackagings, that is, if they can somehow deliver quality. We shall see.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 02, 2006
Pass on this one,many of these so called acetates are to me not what they appear to be,and the live songs will be audiance recordings,will instead look forward to those 2 or is it 4 alabama shows from fort jr or sr or whoever!