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Inside Roustabout

November 01, 2006 | Book
Here is the coverart of the upcoming "Inside Roustabout" by Megan Murphy. Elvis Unlimited will issue the book late November or early December. The book will have a limited edition which include a DVD, vinyl and collectors surprise.
Source:Elvis Unlimited
CD King wrote on November 02, 2006
I sure am looking forward to this box-set. the GI BLUES one was superb. ROUSTABOUT is a very different, special and excellent Elvis Musical Drama. Elvis as angry Charlie Rogers, fights, sings and crash his motorcycle. That Wall of Death scene was memorable. Great songs big production sequences: Little Egypt, Poison Ivy League, Hard Knocks, Big Love Big Heartache, One Track Mind etc I really enjoyed the DVD. It's high time FTD comes out with a 7" Soundtrack Set of the Orginal Albums with Outtakes etc and The Soundtrack LP ROUSTABOUT was a No.1 Hit Album in 1965 in the USA Charts.
Greg Nolan wrote on November 02, 2006
I hear you, CD King! A lot of us have fond memories of Elvis' movie era, and to this day, find it very enjoyable, even when it misfired...."Roustabout" is one of them as well. This "Inside"-style "focus book projects, either by Joe Tunzi or otherwise ("Charro," "G.I. Blues," etc.) are very much the new frontier of fandom, and allows us to "max out" on even the most pedestrian Elvis movie! Even skeptics who don't like or desire Elvis books will be sold on them. The CD's or DVDs included are the "extra" icing on the cake...! If you haven't tried one, check 'em out!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on November 02, 2006
This LP was No 1 in the USA 1965 ! that surprises me, not that good an album really. It did less over here in the UK. Not that great a film either was it if were honest. But I might get the book, just for collection purposes.
Tony C wrote on November 02, 2006
I look forward to this package, especially after the great job they did on the "G.I. Blues" set. I think "Roustabout" itself is a mixed bag. The film is excellent, but the songs are lacking in quality in places. I am sure that FTD will do a deluxe "Roustabout" CD, but only when or even if the tapes are found.
Tony D. wrote on November 02, 2006
I'm sure this is going to be a belter. A while ago, a fan uploaded a load of unpublished pics from this film on the photo section on the ELVIS-COLLECTORS website
Steve V wrote on November 02, 2006
One of the above average Elvis movies in the 60's. Following Viva Las Vegas the same year, but not as good. A few good tunes especially Little Egypt & Big Love Big Heatache. But compare Elvis' leading love interest to Ann- Margaret! What a difference. How about an Inside Viva Las Vegas book? Still his best 60' musical in my opinion. Now there's a package!
TCBCOLLECTOR wrote on November 02, 2006
If this book is anything like "Inside GI Blues" I will pass. I love the "teaser" for collectors. I seem to recall the same teaser advertised DVD for Inside GI Blues Out-takes, and it was nothing more than bad quality re-hashed deleted scenes that had been available on the market for years. The text of "Inside GI Blues" was riddled with misspellings, and it was presented in a terrible manner, where it was not coherant in any way. The storys were lifted from dozens of other stories, and the photos were common. Big deal a few "unreleased" side angle shots here and there. Simply put............a bad book.
JerryNodak wrote on November 02, 2006
I agree that Joan Freeman doesn't compare to A-M. But female leads aside I've always preferred "Roustabout" because I find the story more entertaining.
elvis100% wrote on December 04, 2006
I've recently ordered "Inside G.I. Blues" from the Elvis Fan Club in England and was extremely disappointed with the kit. I agree with other opinions below on this matter. I have other books on Elvis's movies, such as "Elvis in Hollywood", by Steve Pond (Love Me Tender), "Inside King Creole", by Ger Rijff and "Inside Jailhouse Rock", by the same author... and I always thought that this new series of books filled the same standards of quality. Don't let yourself be mislead. The books I've just quoted are books that involved a deep research and care in its production. The final product just proves that. I always thought I'd buy the others "Inside..." by Elvis Unlimited, but from the "Inside G.I. Blues" I just received, I won't do it. I just regret I didn't wait to hear other poeples' opinions before I actually ordered it...