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Another TV Guide

November 03, 2006 | Other
TV Guide will again issue a special Elvis edition in December 2006, complete with a CD. More information when available.
Source:Elvis Information Network
MauriceColgan wrote on November 04, 2006
Bodes well for Elvis's Christmas Album sales:-) How many million "free" Elvis CDs and DVDs have been given away now by newspapers and magazines... are they being counted? Do they add to Elvis's overall sales? If not, why not. We need to know:-) Some newspapers like the UK "Sunday Times" sells millions of copies.
Steve V wrote on November 05, 2006
I used to collect the Elvis TV Guides when they were a unique item. Now it seems every year there are numerous Elvis covers. Another idea that has been milked to death and become ho-hum in the Elvis collecting world. Pass
MauriceColgan wrote on November 05, 2006
That may be so. But the last and only one I received from a kind Elvis fan in the USA had a neat alternative "Young and Beautiful" by Elvis on CD. I like to think of all the youngsters seeing Elvis on the cover of a magazine in their homes:-)
Greg Nolan wrote on November 08, 2006
Yes, what kind Elvis fan lads there are to be found, Maurice...<grin> I agree: Elvis has a long storied history on TV Guide and if it's rare material, all the better. Unfortunately, when they changed the size of the magazine and changed the focus a bit, they also were not found as readily at all super-market check-outs. But I think this could be decent publicity even now.