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New Releases From Voice

October 24, 2006 | Music
Here is a pressrelease from Elvis former backing group Voice on their new releases.

It’s been thirty years since Elvis Presley’s personal group – “VOICE” spent Christmas with him and thirty years since Elvis’ group “VOICE” sang together. This legendary group traveled with Elvis, opened his tour shows, and sang songs personally for Elvis. GREAT NEWS --- Elvis’ group ”VOICE” (Nielsen, Sumner and Baty) recently got together, at Donnie Sumner’s Recording Studio in Hendersonville, TN and cut two new CD’s. This is after a thirty year hiatus ….the last album recorded by VOICE was in 1974, and it is called “Distilled Gospel” (now a collector’s item).

So, you ELVIS fans and “VOICE” fans alike, look out……the new CD’s are being pressed as this Press Release is released and will be available shortly. Hopefully, just in time for your Christmas shopping. “VOICE” wanted to remember Elvis at Christmas time. Everyone knows that this was his favorite time of the year. These were times that “VOICE” (Nielsen, Sumner and Baty) would sit around the piano at Graceland singing Christmas and Gospel songs. “VOICE” spent many hours singing for Elvis. The new “VOICE” CD’s captures some of Elvis’ favorite Christmas and Gospel songs.

Now, for the “behind the scene news”….Nielsen, Sumner and Baty sound terrific. Sherrill is still hitting those crystal clear high “C’s”. Sherrill received a Living Legend Award in 2006 for 50 years of singing Southern Gospel Music. Donnie is still amazing us with his great lead voice. Donnie is celebrating 46 years of singing Southern Gospel Music. Tim is still thrilling us with his soulful baritone voice. Their blend is amazing. So after a thirty year absence, the group just seemed to fall right into place like they never missed a beat. Will there be more to come? We don’t know but we certainly don’t want to wait another thirty years before something is released.

Thirty years is a long time to reflect upon and a lot of things change but “VOICE” still sounds the same. What are these guys doing in the year 2006, thirty years after working for the King of Rock ‘n Roll? You can visit Sherrill’s website to keep up with his activities www.sherrillandbrenda.com and you can visit Donnie’s website to keep up with his activities

www.donniesumner.com You will be surprised to learn that all three are still in the music business and are carrying out the work of their King. They haven’t wandered far from their roots.

Another special on both new CD’s is a song by the legendary J. D. Sumner, Donnie’s uncle. What a “come-back”. What a” classic way” to break their thirty year absence
Source:Elvis Unlimited
Rob Wanders wrote on October 25, 2006
Excuse me: "Sherill is still hitting those chrystal-clear high c's.? He's singing al those high notes falsetto, everybody can do that, specially with a microphone which will make it sound impressive. For me he sounded 30 years ago already horrible, specially on Danny boy and O sole mio. I must admit, if he sung piano (soft) than he sounds nice (Softly, as I leave you). But those high notes were all falsetto, and ugly-falsetto. Listen to real counter-tenors (James Bowman, Andreas Scholl, Brian Asawa) and you will hear a world of difference.
Jerome wrote on October 25, 2006
Like Sherill or not, elvis picked him and he knew about music.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 26, 2006
Were can i get my copy? lol if there singing with elvis then im not interested,also not interested in a book from these guys, just thought id throw that in! hehe
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 26, 2006
That should have read if there not singing with elvis im not interested!
wayup wrote on October 28, 2006
Must be terrible piece of castrated singing s..t.