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FTD: His Hand In Mine And Writing For The King

October 25, 2006 | Music
The December 1, 2006 releases on the Follow That Dream Collector's label will be the CD "His Hand In Mine" in the classic album series and the book "Writing For The King". This new book will include 125 interviews with people who wrote songs for Elvis and two CDs: one of Elvis' recordings of songs by these writers, and one with demos of Elvis songs.
Source:Elvis Australia
MarkE wrote on October 25, 2006
fantastic news, cant wait to get my hands on His Hand In Mine! but i wont be purchasing the other release though
benny wrote on October 25, 2006
I will be buying his hand in mine propably & the book if its not too expensive like the rockin across texas &TTWII. i have onliy just started getting ftd and think there great
Rob Wanders wrote on October 25, 2006
I agree with you Mark. Wonderful music on His hand in mine. I think it will be a great cd.
Doug wrote on October 25, 2006
I will buy his hand in mine, but I don't know about the book. The books are very expensive and I hope FTD will release only the CDs in the future. But... what happened with the Promised Land-Luxe edition? And Raised On Rock-Luxe edition, they were announced one year ago...
Jerry 79 wrote on October 25, 2006
I will buy this FTD as all of them. I have the same question as Doug: what happened with the idea of releasing Promised Land and Raised On Rock? The book hmmm I think the price is to high...
Santa Claus wrote on October 25, 2006
Very little taped material came out from the "His Hand In Mine Sessions". Some songs were recorded in a handfull of takes or even less. So, there's no need to release an edited edition of these sessions. Please Ernst, keep the tape running and release the session as it was recorded. No need to cut and mix the stuff again. We're tired of that. There are many takes available on imports and RCA. Don't just re-release the same stuff on FTD again, as it happened in the past. The customers/fans deserve more. Give us the whole thing this time.
MarkE wrote on October 25, 2006
I agree completely with Santa Claus!
JerryNodak wrote on October 25, 2006
Can't wait to get my hands on "His Hand In Mine". But as for the songwriters book/ demos, not interested.
jcorley wrote on October 25, 2006
I am usually quiet and do not post comments, but I couldn't stand by on this one. Along with everyone else, I will be purchasing the HHIM release straight-away, but I am not a fan of the WFTK book and cd set, and I will not be forking out top $ for such. It sounds to me as though that book should've been released on the regular book circuit, with the demo cd included. Then, this other Elvis recordings cd could have been another FTD compilation of sorts. I guess these recordings are alternate or out (takes), maybe some are live?? That is the only way I see that this idea by Ernst could be a decent one. Or, maybe just put the interviews on their very own cd or 2cd set. But, I still find no reasoning for that either, because it has no appeal factor, especially on an Elvis collectors label which is for "ESSENTIAL" material. Is this book/cd combo "artistically and historically important material" as quoted in FTD's original MANDATE?? I see no place for this package amongst this collectors label, unless more in-depth details are released to better explain the whole purpose to begin with. So, how many Elvis fans amongst all of you will shell out $65-75 for a book full of songwriter interviews?? This same concept book's sales would plummet on the regular book circuit, and would not be worth 1/3 of the price FTD will ask for it from us. I'll crawl back to my corner now....
rik wrote on October 25, 2006
i think the book and two cd's could be very interesting. interesting to read, see new pictures(?) and hear demos....
Jth wrote on October 25, 2006
I completely agree with Santa Claus; Ernst, do not mess with the editing on the "His Hand In Mine" release! Give us the session as it was, not the way you wanted it to be! And I will NOT be buying the book, because it will be ridiciously overpriced like the previous book/cd combos!
Cruiser621 wrote on October 26, 2006
His Hand In Mine alone? Great! I'll get it. With an expensive after-thought book that no one cares about? No! And please, don't edit the content of this FTD release. Give us all the takes or what you have in running order.
dismas wrote on October 26, 2006
While I'm dubious about its value when considered in the light of its (expected) high price tag, I'm still kinda interested in "Writing For The King." I've heard it argued a number of times over the years that Elvis should have been given a co-writer credit on a lot of the tracks in his catalog (especially '50s and '60s material) because of the many subtle -- and often none too subtle -- musical/lyrical/structural changes he made in the studio while adapting and adjusting the submitted material to his own taste and style. A collection of side-by-side Evvis versions/demo versions could work to prove or disprove this point. As far as HHIM goes, it represents one of the all-time artistic high points in all of Elvis's storied career. Elvis works the material so beautifully even a stone-cold non-believer would be moved to shout Amen!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 26, 2006
Am i correct in thinking there is no unreleased outtakes on the book cd combo? if not ill sure not be buying it, as what happened to the regular issue? his hand in mine will be loved by many but im not a big fan of the gospel outtakes,i was looking forward to a regular release and this is why im not a fan of the classic series it seems to have taken over the label, many will not agree,maybe next year something will get released that catches my eye, like the longggggggg over due 71 nashville outtakes cd,elvos on tour material, etc etc, p.s. i think the book has no place on this collectors label,im not interested in demos only elvis! it belongs as already mentioned on the regular book market!
Natha wrote on October 26, 2006
Well, I am such a non-believer and will not shout out amen. However, the joy and enthousiasm of the gospel songs is indeed a joy to listen to. Frankly the lyrics touch my heart as much as the lyrics of Hound Dog. I just enjoy listening to his fantastic voice. As I listen to Elvis' music a few hours a day, there sometimes pass by a few of these songs. And that will do. I am not sure whether to buy this, if only to complete my collection. Interesting statement though by Dismas about the co-writership. Maybe later on he or another will know the answer. I will not buy the book.
marty wrote on October 26, 2006
I will buy both! The only drawback to the His Hand In Mine sessions is that Elvis was dead serious and that he almost copied the arrangement of versions of these songs that he know about. He didn't improvise too much in these sessions because he thought that that was the way this material should be done. On the other hand the "Writing For The King" book should be very interesting. It always gives you another prospective to a song when you know a little bit of back round, even more when you hear the original version or (this time) the demo. It gives you a better understanding of the song and the work Elvis did to improve it. In my opinion a great artist is someone who can take a good song that someone else has recorded and make it better (or take it to different directions). Elvis never recorded songs he didn't thing could improve upon and so did other great singers of the past. Now we have a great chance to witness how successful he was in improving the demos he was presented with...
Rusty wrote on October 26, 2006
'His Hand In Mine' this is a real treat following on from 'Elvis Is Back' and 'Something For Everybody' beautifully recorded and performed with Elvis in fine voice this surely has to be his most underrated album, now where is 'Pot Luck'
MarkE wrote on October 26, 2006
I agree, cant wait until they release Pot Luck too, that would complete the early 60s non-soundtrack albums!
Vital Pluymers wrote on October 26, 2006
Quite frankly, the HHIM release doesn't interest me that much. Most of the alternative takes that I've heard from this session on different official and unofficial releases are very close to the master takes, so they don't really thrill me. I like it more when he's trying out different arrangements, tempos and instruments. You will not find it on this release.
Steve V wrote on October 26, 2006
Most of the outtakes from HHIM are avail elsewhere and are very similar to the masters. Cant see spending the $$ on this release. I also feel that way about Pot Luck. The outtakes have been out there for years now. This is a nice marketing tool by FTD to do these classic album series, but I for one dont think they are worth it if you already have the regular album on CD and a handful of outtakes already. I'd rather see innovative releases, like the 70's masters that were not on the 70's boxset along with outtakes? Or to save us all money just have BMG release the regular album catalog again in remastered sound with a few outtakes at normal prices like they did with the 50's albums.
chicken wrote on October 26, 2006
I bought the Don Robertson CD, 'and then I wrote' last christmas and found it very interesting O.K. so only about 7 of the demo's we're songs that Elvis recorded but I think people will enjoy the songwriters book, consider these songs take 0
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 27, 2006
This book will mark the second time a release gives us nothing new,unless you count others people singing,and to see there is no regular release is quite surprising!
Hans Otto wrote on October 27, 2006
Please take into account that even among us hardcore Elvis fans, there will always be different points of interest. Some fans are mainly just interested in listening to Elvis singing, and that's it. Other fans, such as myself, are also interested in learning the real story behind Elvis' various recordings and how they came about. The upcoming FTD book/CD Writing For The King will be exactly such an opportunity for some of us to dig further into Elvis' way of generating some of his masterpieces in the recording studios. If you are satisfied by only knowing about the final stages of the production of Elvis' recordings, then fine. But please don't deny us other fans the opportunity to also learn about how these Elvis songs actually came to light, by starting a witch-hunt on FTD products that hasn't even been released yet. We are all incredible lucky having Ernst, Roger, Kevan & co. producing these CDs and books. And yes, they are aimed at a very limited, but (newsflash!) also heterogeneous hardcore fan market. It's therefore quite lame criticizing the upcoming Writing For The King of not being commercial enough. In my opinion the main threat to the FTD label would be if it every single time would have to release mainstream FTD products that every single hardcore fan would buy. That would force FTD to abstain from presenting most in-depth projects, and eventually deprive FTD of it's main reason for existing. Glad Ernst and the other boys are keeping up the good work.
Dixieland Rock wrote on October 27, 2006
I look forward to these releases. I appreciate the great job the FTD label is doing. Keep up the good work.
marty wrote on October 27, 2006
Hans Otto you are right! The FTD book is a great idea for someone who loves Elvis' music and wants to know the story behind both the song and the recording itself. Not everyone who is an Elvis fan has to like it. For me it is great and I wish they will eventually release all the demos that still exist. It would also be intresting to hear the songs that Elvis rejected during these sessions! And since manufacturing a cd isn't that expensive we could be treated with a multiple cd box set at a rather low price. Just a wish that will probably never be fulfilled...
Rob Wanders wrote on October 27, 2006
I agree with you Hans Otto.
Steve V wrote on October 27, 2006
Marty - I think a cd of the demos that Elvis rejected or wanted to record but could not due to the lame ownership/publishing spats would make a very interesting cd. We could hear what might have been. I do know many songwriters were happy to get thier songs to Elvis only to reject the deal in the end because they wouldnt give up part ownership to Elvis' publishing company. Would love to hear some of these songs.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 27, 2006
$70 for demos and a book? witch hunt? im simply not into elvis books and surely not into demos,if everyone else loves the release then great for them! most are just saying i will or i wont buy the release!
PTCJones wrote on October 28, 2006
When the songwriter's book was first announced, I mentioned that I had a CD released back in 2001 by BMG France concentrating on specific songwriter's. The only one I have is the Tepper and Bennett compilation, but there were others. Of the few tracks recorded by the composers on this CD, I think I have listened to them once since I bought it. I understand people's curiosity on how Elvis arranged certain tracks to his own style by listening to this set, but being FTD it's going to be very steep in price especially as it comes in book form. Of the 2 CD's in the set, one will have tracks everyone will already have anyway. I think it's a good idea, but I am wary of the price tag.
Danny Fisher wrote on October 28, 2006
Looking forward to the new FTD releases, the writing for the king set will be interesting and we should learn something about the music’s background. I wonder what the songs will be on the two CDs? His hand in mine should be another nice set, his voice was so pure. Even if you are not into religion how could you not admire the beauty of it? Thumbs up to Ernst for trying something new.
pasa-ryu wrote on October 28, 2006
cant wait for it!-elvis gospel is simply the best ever!19no-one sings religious music like the king..simple as.)
Greg Nolan wrote on October 29, 2006
We can't all be excited at the same level, folks. I just don't know why people have to act like they are owed something at this point. The label is clearly getting to all of it, sooner of later. Elvis won't be making any new records, and we do fast approach the bottom of the well as far as outtakes, and even though many soundboards remain, surely the best stuff has made it's way out already.So it's all "gravy," and for those of us who want to learn more about Elvis as an artist, as a musician, such projects are terrific. (I'm also seeking out that Don Robertson CD mentioned...) I love these "deluxe" 7-inch releases as his main catalogue deserves all the respect it doesn't normally get on the main label. Getting "Elvis Presley" and "Loving You" recently reminded me just how great this "classic album" series indeed has been. So bring on the expanded edition of "His Hand in Mine." The Elvis books on FTD, if pricey, are still well-worth getting, even if you have to save up for them or look for a good deal. For Elvis fans, it's all a "nice problem to have. " <grin>
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 01, 2006
Greg,i am not owed anything but i also dont have to love everything because others do,its not a big deal,it just saves me $70.you will not hear me trash this book cd just me state the fact that it doesnt interest me,something for everybody
Greg Nolan wrote on November 02, 2006
Fair enough, Mature, and as you know, I've benefited from the fact that you've been known to sell off things that don't interest you, so God bless you, my friend and keep me in the loop! <grin> Those FTD books usually mean I have to wait for a firesale rather than buy them new or at least at initial premium price. I just started getting into collecting imports in a serious way (CD/ DVD) as well as the best Elvis books, including the Tunzi "focus" books, and the like. This hobby gets rather expensive! So anyone who wants to get off the merry ground everyonce in a while, well, I should probalby join them!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 02, 2006
You forgot to mention,that im one great seller who would never send items unprotected like those umm,people over at elvis.com (haha) and why havnt you been to my ebay auctions? as for elvis and the stuff we talk about,believe me theres plenty i do like from ftd to imports,im a elvis geek!
Greg Nolan wrote on November 03, 2006
Ebay is a road to ruin and I have been there but I 'll have to check you out, mate. As for Elvis geekdom, it's a slippery slope and I guess I'm there too... Bring on the books about Elvis' songwriters! <grin>