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Elvis What Happened CD

October 18, 2006 | Music
Released in The Netherlands is a new fan club CD entitled "Elvis What Happened". This CD 17 track picture disc release comes in a cardboard slip according to the information on eBay an includes a "musical Tribute from Vester Presley to all Elvis fans".


CD is focused on the Elvis Cover-Up Special from 1979, maintaining that Elvis Presley was killed by an overdose of prescription drugs... The Medical Board heard evidence of astounding volumes of prescriptions written by Dr. Nick. Between 1975 and 1977, he has prescibed 19.000 doses of drugs. The real story...

Including interviews with Ginger Alden (Elvis last girlfriend), Dr. George Nichopoulos, John O' Grady (Elvis and Vernon's private detective), David Stanley (Elvis' stepbrother), Ricky Stanley (Elvis' stepbrother), Knox Phillips (Sam Phillips son), and others...

Also: J.D. Sumner, Marty Lacker, Sonny West, Carl Perkins, Charlie Rich, Chuck Berry, Chet Atkins, and more...

And more: The CD contains 2 CBS News reports, and excerpts from the MSG Press Conference, Elvis live on stage in Rapid City June 21, 1977 and from the "Elvis What Happened?" press conference.

It ends with a telephone call from 1971.
Devon wrote on October 18, 2006
Please just let it go, the man has been gone almost 30 years.
stanton wrote on October 18, 2006
I just can`t believe what I read sometimes. Did this book not do bad enough harm? Now a CD with this title that shakes everyone who really cares for Elvis from deep inside? Sometimes I wonder, if I am living in the right side of the world.....the worst is: somebody`s gonna go and by the thing.
Steve V wrote on October 18, 2006
What year are we living in? Is this Ginger from 1979 all over again? Chet ATkins? How old are all these interviews? Where is Geraldo? Geez - BOYCOTT !
Lovetheboy wrote on October 19, 2006
This is so stupid... I don't believe this will surface again. Let the man rest in peace. And look from who it is coming again and again.... Had it, read it, done it, x-ray it... and you know what WE LOVE ELVIS... so please enough of that crap or I will call my bad cat back..... Gee is this going to stop one day and stop trying we will love him till the end of time and please don't buy that crap... please no more money for these leeches!
Natha wrote on October 19, 2006
A Fan club CD? What kind of Fan Club is this? I would not like to be a member of such a Fan Club. Indeed we are in 2006, so what is the use of this. In this time frame, we should focus on the King's music and his positive contribution. No need for this.
Mr. Songman wrote on October 19, 2006
Lovetheboy, The words are actually "I'll call my battlecat back" and not "bad cat" as you wrote.
Renan Augusto wrote on October 19, 2006
Jerome wrote on October 19, 2006
Èlvis what Happened??? Fan clubs what happened? is a better title. All those stories around his passing, with the truth somewhere in between. Glory Hallelujah, the Truth will march on
PaulFromFrance wrote on October 19, 2006
Vultures are always here 30 years later. What a shame ! What a pity !
chrisc wrote on October 19, 2006
Surely it's "call my bearcat back". If you say it as fast as Elvis has to in the song, it comes out like "bad" or even "battle" maybe.... And yes, it's extremely disheartening to see this wretched CD digging up What Happened again.
EspenK wrote on October 20, 2006
I don't see the problem with this release? Surely these interviews are "historical documents" too, along with recordings of some of the very poor concerts he gave, where he apparently is ill. And surely a real *fan* want to hear and read more than just the sunny side of the story? Personally I find this release interesting as a historical document from the past, along the same line as the release of the Radio Luxemburg broadcast the night Elvis died, etc. Obviously It's nothing I'd listen to over and over, but for the collection? Sure! I welcome it amongst the endless stream of poor sounding audience recordings.
Steve V wrote on October 20, 2006
Yes it is 'bearcat' and not battlecat. The reference is to an old song by Rufus Thomas on the Sun label called Bear Cat which was an aswer to Hound Dog by Big Mama Thorton (not Elvis). So when Elvis sang 'my bearcat' in Tiger Man, this was what he was referring to.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 20, 2006
Why does a fan want to hear such things?sunny side? yes actually this is what i want to hear, i mean should i sit and listen to elvis songs that i dont like,just because its elvis,ill never understand why people want to spend there money on such cd's,that are sad and depressing,just because it says elvis in the cd doesnt mean u have to buy it! id not give you 1 dollar for such cd's,oh well
Greg Nolan wrote on October 21, 2006
If it's just an audio CD, sure, but I recently had a friend make me a DVD-R of his video of the 1979 "20/20" special on ABC, which was a pretty dark but interesting special with Geraldo Rivera. After seeing (not just hearing) the show (the first time since 1979), I can't imagine too many Elvis fans *not* wanting to see the show, be it to see Ginger Alden interviewed, to see a breakdown of Elvis' last night alive, etc. The show was reasonably well done, althought it did seem to lay it all on Dr. Nick, who is seen squirming during an interview's heavy-questioning. The program was actually pretty well-done. I think the '79 show (and the '80 follow-up) have also surfaced recently. On the other hand, the show was the beginning of the end of the "halo" that Elvis briefly had after his "sudden death from a heart attack".. By the '80s, this was commonplace knowledge that Elvis was a drug addict and a total mess at the end, sad to say....
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 21, 2006
Halo? im sure elvis never thought he had a halo above him or thought of himself as a saint,i think we are all aware of elvis overuse of prescription drugs,but lets say it one more time,its junk ,we have no right to pry into his life anymore,its called respect that so many like to talk about,i have to wonder of people who like to see the dark side of someone they claim there such a fan of,so you like seeing someone go down hill?just not intersted in such trash,the same people who go on and on about someone not likeing a certain ftd release will defend such garbage as this, and why does anyone care to hear ginger talk about anything?i thought this was about music?
EspenK wrote on October 21, 2006
Is being an Elvis-fan (or a fan of any other artist, for that matter) *only* about the artist's music? Are we fans because we only want to listen to the same old (!) tracks over and over and over again? If so, why bother buying picture books, for example. I'm pretty sure even you, "mature_elvis_fan75", has got a couple of picture books, or at least pictures of the man - maybe even on the wall. I dare claim that we are fans because we are facinated with the *person* Elvis Presley. And if Elvis were the regular Joe Average, going to work in the morning, singing some songs, heading back home for dinner, and spend his evening playing with his kids... Well, I dare say noone would have known, or cared who Elvis were today. Its the story of his life, the rise and fall of a superstar, that makes him interesting. Including the fall. That's what create the framework for his music, and what still facinates us decades after his death. There are plenty of good singers out there, but only one Elvis.
Greg Nolan wrote on October 23, 2006
Then we should just throw out biographies like Peter Guralnick and any other that gets into the private realm... And that would be foolish, as he's a historical figure and people are already trying to summin him up one way or the other. Let's not pretent we don't have an interest in his private life, especially his death. I actually prefer to focus on his music, but I can say the 20/20 documentary was actually very much fueled by not only sensationalism (of course) but also a sense that how could one of our most beloved entertainers be allowed to die at 42? Who let this happen, etc? What you even watched it? Or did you in '79? It's actually very respectful of the man, to a fault, in effect pinning it all on Dr. Nick. I do think too many get caught up in Elvis' private life, but it's the rare fan who knows nothing of his private life...and doesn't care just a little. And the "halo" I referred to was the mostly-positive ("what a shame he died of a heart attack") feeling of '77. It has nothing to do with what the man felt, but the at-first mostly-totally shocked but postive coverage of this sudden death. The darker questions about his life began soon after. Let's be real about that.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 23, 2006
Sure i know about his life,but many fans seem angry at the man for not being here to give them more music,life is full of enough drama,music is something i like because its actually something to cheer ya up in a world wanting to bring you down,if you really want to know about elvis and what went wrong, then do some research on bi polar,instead of listening to the same old storys,sure some are done in a tasteful way but many are not, including the stuff out out by sonny etc etc and lamar, wh actually has dicussed elvis bathroom problems? do you think thats respectful or any of our business?and sorry never been a fan of geraldo! so some things done in tasteful way is one things, but many of the why did he die dvd' books i can live without!
Greg Nolan wrote on October 24, 2006
I generally agree with you, but have you ever seen the 1979 "20/20" special ("The Elvis Cover-Up") that this is based on? Gerado Rivera at the time still had a good reputation as an investigative reporter, first in New York City and then nationally. (Only later did he trash his reputation...) I saw it in '79 and then finally 27 years later, via DVD-R. It actually has some important interviews and analysis. I agree that Elvis' privacy eventually took a hit, but as a public figure, I think it's fine as long as it's done with respect, which this one mostly was.... It's true, too, that his music is eternal, long past the day his body and / or will to live gave out. A hundred years from now, they'll still be celebrating his music, that's for sure.
cathyreno wrote on October 28, 2006
I am Flabbergasted that a fan club would bring out such a CD/dvd whatever it is. Nobody has a right to judge anybody ! Nobody has the right to put someone down when they are not here to defend themselves! Nobody has the right to tell it like it is either ! And nobody was there to know what really happened!! In the end Elvis had nobody... He was/is a remarkable man. And he would want to be remembered for bringing great musicans and music together. June love your posts girl ! I couldnt of said it better myself . T C B everyone!
Greg Nolan wrote on October 29, 2006
I think a lot of people are jumping to conclusions a disc they haven't heard yet. It can be a bit morbid, but plenty of fans who love Elvis as a person (well, as much as we can a singer / entertainer we most likely never met) are able to respectfully look at how he lived and died. The "20/20" ABC-TV news special of '79 and '80 (I haven't seen the latter in 26 years) were sensationalist but were indeed focused on what caused this great entertainer to die so young. I think there's no shame in that. The part where they list all the drugs in his system when he died was shocking when I saw it in '79 and then again in 2006 (via a fellow fan's DVD-R of his old videotape) but a reminder that he was in fact human, and flawed like we all are. I don't dwell on this, as he brought too much joy to all of us. But for it to come up occasionally? Not shocking and probably even necessary. As Elvis himself said once said, "there is only one King," and he didn't mean himself.
Greg Nolan wrote on November 01, 2006
You're preaching to the converted... This squarely for the super-fan market, so it's really of interest to "Must-know-everything" diehards...
Mystery Rider wrote on November 02, 2006
Elvis what happened, What happened is he died, End of Story..Long Live the King...