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Sullivan Shows With Commercial Breaks

October 14, 2006 | Video
Elvis Presley's three appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show'' will be chronicled on the 3-disc DVD, set to be released Nov. 21. All three shows will screen in their entirety, including appearances by other guests and the original commercial breaks.

Elvis first guested on Sullivan's show on Sept. 9, 1956, performing "Love Me Tender,'' "Don't Be Cruel'' featuring the Jordanaires, "Hound Dog'' and "Ready Teddy.'' His second, on Oct. 28, 1956, repeated the first three songs and added Leiber & Stoller's "Love Me.'' A few months later, on Jan. 6, 1957, he was filmed only from the waist and above to obscure his dance movies, deemed at the time to be too racy for younger viewers. He again sang "Hound Dog,'' "Love Me Tender'' and "Don't Be Cruel,'' plus "Too Much,'' "When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again'' and "Peace in the Valley.'' «The Sullivan Shows'» also includes a remastered 8mm home movie shot of Presley in 1955, home movies of his family and interviews with Sam Phillips, Gordon Stoker and "Sullivan'' producer Marlo Lewis.
elvis-aotc wrote on October 15, 2006
That's how to do it, put it COMPLETE on DVD. Now let's hope that the sound and picture don't dissapoint.....
Lecelvis wrote on October 15, 2006
It would be great if there was a colorized version as well. Then we could see what the theater audience had seen-Elvis Live in Color!
elvis-aotc wrote on October 15, 2006
Lecelvis, Yes I agree, but I think that's too much to hope for.
Viva wrote on October 18, 2006
I can't wait for this one. The fact that the shows are shown in their entirety, and with the original commercials in place means that we can have a real perspective of Elvis in relation to the culture of the 50s. Great stuff. Is this an official release? I can't believe for one minute EPE had anything to do with this, it's just too good.
Steve V wrote on October 19, 2006
Yes Viva it is an official release. Andrew Solt/Ed Sullivan did the same thing with The Beatles Ed Sullivan shows a few years ago. All 3 in their entirety were released. And you may be right in assuming EPE prob has nothing to do with this.
Viva wrote on October 20, 2006
Thanks Steve V. I have seen the box set of the Sullivan shows as released by "Rhino" a few years back, and the quality was superb so with Mr Solt on board this should be a real hum-dinger of a release. Whatever a "Hum-dinger" is.