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Preview Upcoming Albert Wertheimer Book

October 08, 2006 | Book
The publisher of Albert Wertheimer's upcoming book "Elvis At 21: From New York To Memphis" put a little preview on-line of this new book.
Source:Elvis Information Network

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Jth wrote on October 08, 2006
What a great looking cover
MauriceColgan wrote on October 08, 2006
Yes that particular photo is in "Elvis '56" By Alfred, not the most promising start, if the new book does not contain a lot more photos that we haven't seen. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to seeing it in our bookshops. We can browse through it before paying the 99 Dollars..in Euros:-)
Lex wrote on October 08, 2006
It's as with the music... how often can you reshuffle the same photos?
Steve V wrote on October 08, 2006
How much mileage can ol Al get out of these photos? These books, calendars, etc have been coming out for the last 25 years. Will prob pass on this. Recycled product.
byebye wrote on October 08, 2006
The classy Wertheimer photos was a masterpiece just like Elvis´music in "56. You simply cant top those historical events in any way, since the beauty is that it all was so relaxed and spontaneously done. A blueprint in rock´n roll perfection from a year that is considered to be "the year 0" among other genious in music. Pure magic and a "must have" for me...
paralyzed wrote on October 09, 2006
Lex and Steve, I agree that often the same product is repackaged and sold again and again. I've read various arguments about this. Regardless, in this circumstance, I know it is a bit different. I heard Werthheimer speak about this at the 2006 Elvis Insiders conference. He took over 2000 photos of Elvis during the time they spent together. We have seen the same 50 or so photos from these 2000 over the years. This book promises to show many of the never before seen images. I'm very much looking forward to seeing it.
Tony D. wrote on October 14, 2006
Wertheimer allegedly took over 5,000 photos of Elvis during this period. SURELY there will be some unpublished ones in this book?!