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New Book On Elvis' Family

October 09, 2006 | Book
Quoting Bill E. Burk the E.I.N. site mentions that: "A major, major book digging into Elvis' roots is in the making. To date, over 3000 names! It could become the most detailed book on Elvis' genealogy ever published. Will keep y'all informed as it develops".
Source:Elvis Information Network
Rob Wanders wrote on October 09, 2006
interesting, as one of my hobbies is Genealogy.
byebye wrote on October 09, 2006
Everything based on fact is highly welcome as a antithesis to all garbage that has been written about Elvis.
delnis wrote on October 09, 2006
While it might be "interesting" reading for people who continue to buy into the merchandising, it will likely not be very flattering, as the relatives we already know about are losers - uneducated, alcoholics, thieves, etc. His mother was a fretful, over-protective alcoholic and his father was a lazy, good-for-nothing bum who mooched off his own son. I met Vernon in the mid-70s and he was a hateful, arrogant old coot. Elvis would have done far better, and might have been able to surround himself with intelligent creative people if he had cleaned house and gotten rid of the "Memphis Mafia" and then, kicked every sorry, mooching relative out of Graceland and barred them from ever setting foot on the property again. I was, and am, a fan of Elvis. But he would have had even more success in his career and as a person, without the baggage and bad influences that kept him down.
byebye wrote on October 10, 2006
You know what delnis.. Out of all the stupid postings I´ve read on this site, -You take the #1 price for being the most cynical and condescending one! Unlike you, Elvis had a heart, and like any other normal person with a family, he took care of them because he was able to. Only a lowlife would do different in favor to gain more succes, or call that "baggage". His family, friends and fans meant the world to him. And if you brought out the worst in Vernon, I believe it´s because he sensed your twisted values.
delnis wrote on October 10, 2006
Jesper, you ought to be banned for that post alone. I am entitled to MY opinions. You are entitled to yours. Your insulting post has been reported. You know nothing about me, and my post was not about ME, it was about MY OPINIONS of the relatives of EP. They were - and always will be - losers and they were baggage to Elvis. The fact that he tolerated them was based on his belief that he "had" to and the guilt that had been heaped upon him by a whining mother and father. It's sad, but sadder that so-called fans such as yourself so obviously cared so little about the man that you would defend the very people who kept him down AND that you would so mean-spiritedly attack another poster on this forum. Do not EVER address me on this forum again.
chrisc wrote on October 10, 2006
I met Vernon a number of times and he was never "a hateful arrogant old coot"! He was shy and possibly, like Elvis, carrying some marks from a poor and disadvantaged background. He brought up Elvis, so somewhere along the line he must have done something right. Why must we always hit the depths in negativity in so many topics?
Lex wrote on October 10, 2006
Don't we all have neanderthals as ancestor? Maybe Elvis's were a little closer than average, so what?? Aren't we fan because of the man's music? I agree with delnis that it might have been smarter... but Jesper is completely right with the sentimental part. Every bird sings like it's beaked as we say in Holland :-). Anyway, it's time that someone shows up with the Walk-A-Mile poem.
byebye wrote on October 10, 2006
It´s more convenient to abuse, criticize and accuse dead pepople who are not able to make their voice heard and talk back anymore. -Right delnis?! :)
Dan The Man wrote on October 10, 2006
I'm with Jesper on this one, " Don't do to others what you can't take yourself"
qwer wrote on October 10, 2006
chrisc - i met him too and he was a jerk. i saw him turn away from fans who were trying to talk to him, and he acted like he was too high and mighty. he took a lot of $ from Elvis. His wife at the time was rude too. as for bringing up Elvis he was gone most of the time or as stories have reported, just laying around not doing much of anything. i think the raising of Elvis was mostly gladys' responsibility. and she had her own problems.
qwer wrote on October 10, 2006
jesper, man, you need to calm down. nobody here has 'abused, criticized, or accused dead people' as you say - that's pretty angry talk from you. the poster is criticizing vernon and the family, not elvis and is entitled to his or her own opinions. just because you don't like what they said doesn't give you the right to viciously attack a poster. chill out man. i don't really care if somebody criticizes his family. they sound like people with a lot of problems and i don't think anybody could deny that their problems affected elvis. and i don't know but what the poster is right that if he had gotten away from vernon and some of the other negative people in his life he'd have been happier. as i said on another post, i met vernon and he was not a nice man. a lot of people over the years have talked about how negative and sour he was, and having a family member around you who has that kind of disposition is never a good thing, because they bring others down. in his case, vernon liked living the way he did because he didn't have to work and had an easy life once elvis hit it big. so why do people like you defend people who kept elvis down or used him? are you really a fan or just somebody who likes to attack people? we're all different with different opinions but you crossed a line by attacking a poster like that. let it go, jesper and move on. enjoy the music and stop dictating and accusing.
byebye wrote on October 10, 2006
Desperatly switching your name from delnis to qwer doesn´t fool anybody, -Trust me! ;)
delnis wrote on October 16, 2006
man, are you sad. i guess that's an easy explanation for somebody that can't win an argument. just go on about your business and let everybody else have their opinons because it's nothing to you really. it's no wonder why some posters here said you're the resident 'joke' and to not waste time replying. ;)
delnis wrote on October 16, 2006
HAHA Jesper, Did that sound like "qwer"? You see, you don't know the difference between posters. I will let qwer speak for himself/herself on this forum as he/she chooses to or not. As for me, I consider you to be a rude, uninformed poster who insults and belittles people, and you have NO right to do so. As you have been told, different people have differing viewpoints and all posters SHOULD be allowed to post those views. No one needs the likes of you telling them their posts are stupid and "qwer" is quite right in that you have no right to viciously attack posters. And you DO dictate and accuse and you clearly do not pay attention to the gist of a post before attacking the poster. Frankly, I think the moderator here ought to reprimand you because you, and other posters like you, present a very negative image of EP fans. You think you know more than you really do, which only translates to mere foolishness. Unfortunately, people such as yourself will never understand that nor will you understand how much EP utterly despised such "fans". No wonder he made the decision to leave . . .