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EPE And SUN Cooperate

October 12, 2006 | Other
EPE has licensed the use of its trademarks in the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley to Sun Entertainment for a broad range of commemorative retail products officially reuniting the identity of the legendary superstar with the historic Sun Record Company and its iconic Sun Records logo.

Elvis Presley's first recordings were with Sun Records, which sold its Elvis recording catalog to RCA Victor in the fall of 1955 as Presley reached the threshold of national stardom. Original Sun Records owner/producer Sam Phillips and his company played a pivotal role in the careers of not only Presley, but also Johnny Cash, B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich, Ike Turner, Rufus Thomas, Roy Orbison and many other legendary artists in rock, country and R&B music in the 1950s.

"Sun Records logo product has enjoyed many years of success with music lovers of all generations and, almost inarguably, the successful 50-year history of merchandising related to Elvis Presley is unrivaled," stated Sun Entertainment chairman Shelby S. Singleton. "Bringing Elvis and Sun Records back together in a special way at retail offers all kinds of exciting possibilities."

"The Sun Records logo is iconic because of the great music the label produced and the great artists it nurtured early in their careers, and Elvis was Sun's greatest star," said Carol Butler, EPE's vice-president of international licensing. "We are looking forward to celebrating Elvis Presley's history with Sun Records by working closely with Sun Entertainment. It's something we have long wanted to do, and now the time has finally come."

The new Elvis and Sun Records co-branded products should begin appearing in late 2006 via various retail outlets in the United States, including online retailers such as www.SunRecords.com and www.ShopElvis.com. More will appear in 2007 during the yearlong commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Elvis' passing.

About Sun Entertainment Corporation
Sun Entertainment Corporation (SEC), based in Nashville, Tennessee, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Entertainment Holding Corporation (SEHC), a publicly traded entity. SEHC/SEC owns the trademarks associated with the legendary Sun Records label that originated in Memphis, Tennessee with producer Sam Phillips. The company is involved in the development of entertainment projects and merchandising involving the Sun Records label and the management of its vast catalog of recordings, some that were still part of the original Sun Records catalog at the time of the company's acquisition of the label, some from additional recording catalog acquisitions, plus new recordings the company has produced. SEHC is listed on the TSX Ventures Exchange under the ticker symbol SED.V and on the OTC under the ticker symbol SETHF.PK. Official web site: www.sunrecords.com.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
joemin wrote on October 12, 2006
"More will appear in 2007 during the yearlong commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Elvis' passing." Interesting phrase. Does it indicate that there is going to be a lot happening next year?? I hope so.
Colonel wrote on October 13, 2006
Oh well, don't we have all or most of the Sun-stuff? What are they going to do? Put out "Heartrbreak hotel" as a single with Sun-logo ? I think it's great that Elvis will be connected with Sun again, I love the "Sunrise"-release which is made up like a Sun-single, but I can't think of something really special and new that could happen with this business-decision.
Mystery Rider wrote on October 13, 2006
This is shelby singletons dream come true he now gets to put the sun logo which he brought from sam back in the mid 70's on all types of elvis stuff, remember his kick with Orion and jerry lee and the others as far as making money, sure there are emough people out there they can now press 45's ep albums and even a couple of LP's in the old sun fashion they will be pumping the stuff all over the world Elvis is big business. However i font think the are tied in with 706 Union.....now thats a great place to Visit...
JerryNodak wrote on October 15, 2006
Elvis and Sun. Together again, as it should be. Hooray!!!
Steve V wrote on October 15, 2006
While I think this story has a nice nostalgic turn to it, I cant imagine what in the way of new product there can be. All the Sun stuff is out there countless ways and with the new Million Dollar Quartet CD, that is about done as well. I can only see 'new dressing' on old product to make a few extra bucks for all concerned. I hope I am wrong though.
JerryNodak wrote on October 16, 2006
My crystal ball tells me that the Sun logo will be affixed to lots of stuff and the majority of it probably won't be musically related.
Viva wrote on October 18, 2006
Great, so now we can look forward to "Elvis at Sun" coasters, bottle openers and novelty wigs. Whenever that lot at EPE (And now, it seems, Sun) open their mouths, all I hear is a load of old cobblers that belongs in a management consultant's meeting. Elvis Presley the king, make way for Elvis Presley the brand. I agree with "JerryNodak" and the sad fact is that these days EPE et al, probably don't even know Elvis was a real person, let alone the worlds greatest entertainer. All they know about is Elvis Presley the financial statistic. God I hate them.
lemonjello wrote on October 21, 2006
Let's all remember that Elvis's Sun recordings were sold to RCA in the 50's and hence were never a part of the Shelby Singleton buy out. Sony/BMG now own the masters, not EPE or the current version of Sun. EPE only controls Elvis's name and likeness (although they may control other things not owned by Sony/BMG such as the TV specials ect.). So we can be assured that besides maybe a DVD documentery on Elvis during the sun years, the best we may experience is an Elvis At Sun doormat or even better, Elvis at Sun UNDERPANTS! (I say boo.)
Mystery Rider wrote on October 25, 2006
Shelby Singleton your are 52 years to late, the Memphis Express pulled out from the station in July of 54' you've been trying to get on the train since 69 but you really havent made it. owing something like Sun is great if you nurtured it from the beginning instead of getting on it on the re-bound. Orion was your Elvis and you couldnt sell him. Leave the Studio alone and let US enjoy it.